Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember! The Republican Party Despises You!

McCain will continue to send your money to Saudi Arabia.

You know it's all true!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of "what's her name?" Trixie, Dixie? Pixie? I can tell you I can't see this pair in the White Machelle Obama will no doubt know how to make a strong entrance going down those stairs (can you imagine the State Dinners? People will have FUN AGAIN)!

That's it! We're about to have FUN AGAIN...Vote Obama/Biden or caugh up blood with McCain and Bitsy (or whatever her name is)!

Kelldon Hinterlonging-Ortega Spatz

Cany said...

haha! I feel like dancing!

Clinton just kicked serious butt in his speech. Gads he is such a good speaker (still!).

I think he takes best speaker award!

Now... let's see if it rains tomorrow or if the weird bunch gets their dream of rain...

I See You!

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