Saturday, August 09, 2008

No More Borders!

I know the subject of illegal immigration is a big deal in the States. Some folks are sure that the U.S. is being invaded by brown folks and they spend time worrying about the Reconquista, but I don't hear anyone spending time trying to find out how many Swedes, Irish, English, and Canadians living in the U.S.A. have expired visas.

Why is Padre going on about this? Well, once again, the Lovely Mona and I are illegal immigrants. The government here changes the requirements for migración every year, and what worked last time won't necessarily work this year. And, to make things more complicated, missionary visas are for only a year at a time, and have lots of requirements. It seems that some of the Evangelical churches were sneaking folks in as missionaries but they were taking jobs away from Panamanians, so the rest of us all suffer for their mistakes (how surprised are you that the Evangelical Protestants are involved? Not very, eh?). Our drivers licenses expires with our visas, which complicates things. The Lovely Mona started collecting the necessary papers a month and a half ago, but migración kept asking for more stuff. Then, to complicate things more, my passport expired in May (how often do you check your passport? I thought so!). So, everything expired July 10th, and we still haven't had our visit to migración. Heck, the Lovely Mona almost got busted this week. So, I'm feeling lots of solidarity with my illegal brothers and sisters back in the States.

I'm not a nationalist, and, to be frank with you all, I think everyone should live wherever they want to on planet earth. I think immigration laws are a bunch of crap, but I do my best to obey them, and, the fact is, almost all governments make life miserable for immigrants, no matter where they are. I really don't understand this. No human being is illegal. Sometimes there are complications in following the rules, but are borders really necessary? Why do we exclude people from living wherever they may find themselves?

We'll be taking public transportation and making decisions about where ever we travel until we're "legal" again. And if anyone asks me for any identification, I'll be making a run for it. Next time you hear someone whining about "illegal immigrants" give em a whack for me!

All non-indigenous peoples leave the Americas! That means you!


FranIAm said...

If I did not already love this blog, if I did not already love your voice - with its moments of sincerity,of hilarity, of veracity, of reverence and irreverence, I love it all the more now.

Fred Schwartz said...

My grandmother came to the Uited States from Poland in about 1900 + or _ a year or two. She came when she was thirteen, obviously lying about her age. We never did figure out how old she really was. Truth be told, I will bet she is not the only one. Let's face it, it is a great thing to welcome everyone here and why not? There should only be friends that have not yet been met.

Caminante said...

Sumptin with your blog is totally causing my computer to choke (site meter and neo-pad); it has taken me a minute to write this.

Anyway, I am with you about letting people live where they want to. And my passeporte expires this 21 September.

Cany said...

I'm with you, Padre:) Have of my family was here in NA, half wasn't. They liked each other enough to marry, so there it is.

My passport is also expired and I have been meaning to do something about that, but haven't. This might spur me on.

IT said...

I lived in the UK for a number of years. Not only were the Brits suspicious of me, but the Yanks were too! Coming back to the US, the immigration people always seemed even more rude than usual, when they saw my well-stamped visa'd passport.
"Why isn't Amurika good enuf fer yew?" was the tone . I had nightmares about being rejected by both countries and stuck in the terminal (way before the movie, I might add)


Padre Mickey said...

First, welcome, IT!
Secondly, we've experienced the same thing. When our daughter, Anne, graduated from Emerson College in Boston several years ago, the Lovely Mona and I flew in to witness the event. The guy at Customs asked, "What was the purpose of your trip?" I missed the past tense, and said, "To see our daughter graduate." He said, "Really?In Panama?" I said, "We LIVE in Panama. We came to Boston for the graduation." Boy, did he give us a look!
They can't fathom why anyone would live outside of the good ol' USA.

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