Monday, August 18, 2008

¡Panamá Gana El Oro!

Photo by Xinhua

Our noisy wonderful neighbors live vicariously through the activities of athletes.* They watch every fútbol game, every baseball game, and, of course, are really into the Olympics. AND they scream through everything (unless Panamá is losing by huge margins, which happens every now and then.) This morning, while I was doing the laundry, I heard them all screaming at the top of their lungs. I figured it had to do with the Olympics, but, really, what would have them screaming like that? It was Irving el canguro, Irving Saldino, Irving the Kangaroo, winning the Gold Medal for Panamá in the Long Jump, and Panamá's first gold medal ever (and its only Olympic medals since the two bronze medals back in 1948). Well, geez, no WONDER they were screaming! Hooray for Irving, and Hooray for Panamá!

*The Lovely Mona and I live vicariously through the Bollywood films, like all Right Thinking Peoples.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hoorah for Panama! Hoorah for the GOLD! Hoorah for Irving Saldino,,,Hooray for all Kangaroos (and especially the ones that survive ++Jensen "down under" as he hops-up-and-down and leaps all around screaming his not-so-neighborly nonsense)

Matty Boy said...

If he wins another gold, will he be able to afford matching shoes? Or is that how the young people are wearing them these days?

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