Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Night's Speeches

Wow! The Democratic speech-makers were kicking ass last night! Of course, we knew Bill Clinton was going to be great; he simply can't help it. My parents called in the middle of the speech with some bad news (a family friend passed away. Please keep Marylou, Stephen, and John Brooks in your prayers, and pray for the soul of Jack Brooks), and then my mom came on the phone and asked what we were doing. I said "We're watching the last decent president we ever had!" She said, "Who? The pervert?" I said, "No, the guy who brought us peace and prosperity and respect throughout the world." She said, "Why are you so angry?" We always have such lovely conversations. We loved Bill Clinton's line: People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power. The Lovely Mona and I were cheering along with the folks in Denver.

Joe Biden's story is amazing and his speech was inspiring, too. But the one who surprised me was John Kerry. Did you hear his speech? He was amazing! Why the hell didn't he give speeches like that when he was the candidate? It might not have prevented the Republicans from stealing the votes in Ohio to put their boy over the top, but it may have made it more difficult.

Some of the talking heads were saying that it was a lack-luster convention and that people are still unsure about Barrack Obama. I don't get that impression but, wadda I know? Did you notice that everyone who gave a speech last night (and Hillary did this, too) say nice things about John McCain before they point out the errors of his ways? How many nice comments do you think we'll hear about Barrack Obama and Joe Biden coming out of the rich, white, oligarch's Republican Convention next week? My buddy Matty Boy the Gambler should be taking bets!

Tonight's the Big Night and we'll be watching on la computadora here in Parque Lefevre. Should be exciting!


susan s. said...

Yes, I think I commented on this last night on your entry from yesterday.

I, too, noticed the "John McCain is my friend, but" In the South we would say "I like John McCain, bless his heart, but..."

I will never forget Ann Richards, "Poor George, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth!"
I miss her.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I miss Bill and John Kerry (church stuff), but I loved Tammy Duckworth and Joe Biden.

Saying a prayer for the Brooks family.

David |Däˈvēd| said...

Padre, try that C-SPAN thingy they have in the USA. I checked a few out and there is no commentary, no Ken Dolls.

Although, it is all a bit boring to me, I do hope that you lot come through for the rest of us. We would surely appreciate it if you do not elect another Bozo!

Cany said...

C-Span is the way to go... david is right. I'm watching and co-blogging now.

I was SO moved by Clinton, and Padre, that quote was my favorite of the night He is remarkable. He could be wearing a clown suit and give a speech suit underwater and he would be amazing. He went right after Bush and McCain--Good man!

Biden was remarkable, too. Brought me to tears, and so did his son.

I cry when I am really moved by glee or sadness, so these are important tears... they say so much about how I feel.

Yep... they kicked ass!

Padre Mickey said...

Gracias, David y Cany.
I went to the c-span site to check out the player, but I guess my connection isn't fast enough as it was not good video. As much as I despise the ABC News crowd, their feed is clear and doesn't crap out everything ten seconds.

Last night I was fast enough to mute things when Sam and the Ken doll started flappin' their lips.

susan s. said...

I thought you might want to see Biden in action questioning Ashcroft on torture via Paul via the Daily Show.
You don't want to mess with Biden!

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