Saturday, August 23, 2008

Freedom To Marry

The Lovely Mona and I agree that our faith supports the right of any two people in love, regardless of their gender to marry. It's good for society and for the nation.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Growing up. Facing up. Owning up. Shaping up, sharing and's called "being responsible"...not only before you and the Lovely Mona but before God and everyone's part of the BIG ACCOUNTABILITY's Gods will for a person like me and probably for person like everyone else...this can be done with or without Peter Akinolas approval (or Orombi, Duncan, Iker, Schofield, Vacables, Kolini, Buls, Jensens...and especially without ANY approval of David's Anderson or Virtue or Kendall Harmon or Melanie Griffiths and her Little Stone Bigots).

(Meanwhile, they can stamp their feet and turn blue, pass out or whatever).

Jane R said...

Hey, dat's our friend Jay from Berkeley!

P.S. Cute rabbis.

P.P.S. Good video.

Tia Sue said...

Thanks Padre Mickey and The Lovely Mona - what a great birthday present to me to see it today.

Tia Sue

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