Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten Twelve

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. David Watts The Jam
2. Silas Stingy The Who
3. I Don't Even Know Myself The Who
4. I Can't Stand It James Brown
5. Puisque bele dame m'eime/FLO SILUS (Moo 231) Anonymous 4
6. You Got Me Hummin' Sam & Dave
7. Real By Reel XTC
8. Girl's Talk Elvis Costello and the Attractions
9. It's Not Peculiar Hüsker Dü
10. Wake Up XTC
11. Mirror In The Bathroom The Beat
12. Don't Lie To Me Big Star

Today we're going with the Top Twelve Random Hits for several reasons: it's mom's birthday (like she could stand any of this music!), it's the Feast of St. Dominic, Priest and Friar (and he was possibly tapping his feet to #5), the Olympics started today (like I care; I don't give a good ding dang for sports), if you write the date today it will be 08/08/08, and, most importantly, I like the picture on this album.

I thought we would have nothing but songs about guys from bands with single syllable names or All Mod Friday! for a few minutes there, but that didn't last for long (although it would have been an interesting theme!). The title to #3 is most probably the answer to the question: What the hell were you thinking when you recorded this piece of crap? I love the Who, but this song stinks! It's one of those "extras" one gets with the iTunes version of the album Who's Next? Sometimes the record company executives want the band to record terrible songs as they want another hit like the last one, but I don't think that Pete and Roger and John and Keith could use that excuse as the song sounds like a combination of Bargain and Going Mobile, neither very strong tracks and both from the same album WHICH WAS BEING RECORDED RIGHT THEN. But I digress. . .
All in all, though, this is a killer list: The Jam! The Who! JAMES BROWN!! Sam & Dave! Double XTC action! Hüsker Dü! The Beat (and that's the REAL Beat, the Ska Beat from England, not those nasally-singing wankers from Los Angeles), Big Star! and music from the Montpellier Codex of the 13th century!!

What's not to like?

Dang! I keep forgetting: Please post your own lists in the comments!

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Fred Schwartz said...

Padre Mickey:

Heere is another random top whatever:
1, Rain and Fire, James Taylor
2, Love Child, Supremes
3, Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Temptations
4, Crystal Ship, Doors
5, Wind Cries Mary, Jimi Henrix
6, Puff (the Magic Dragon), Peter, Paul and Mary
7, Roxanne, The Police
8, Somebody to Love, Queen
9, Little Ol' Lady From Pasedena, Jan and Dean
10, Last Kiss, J. Frank Wilson
11, Hound Dog Man, Fabian
12, Teddy Bear, Elvis

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