Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tonight's Dinner

A glimpse into Padre's cookin' pot

I know this is usually jonnieb's shtick and I shouldn't brag, but I just made the best Saag with Lamb that I have ever made. I've been making this for a while and everyone who has ever eaten it has loved it, but tonight's is the best. The texture is perfect, just enough cream, and the lamb was slow cooked and so tender. And I got my spices exactly right tonight: it has an incredible slow burn which sneaks up on you and knocks you on the floor.

I'm also serving a Purani Dilli Ke Choley (from a can) and some basmati rice and tandoori naan, and the Lovely Mona made one of her famous Ensaladas Gigantes.
Bert and John Leigh will be here for dinner tonight. Lizzie is improving but still in Intensive Care, so keep her in your prayers.

Maybe I'll make my Saag for you someday. If you're good.


FranIAm said...

Delicioso! I promise I'll be really really good, ok???

Prayers in abundance always.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I've always been good...well, I had a few years of trying oftly hard to be bad...I wasn't as good at being bad as I am at being when is it my turn?

Festivus O'Hara-Blotz

Aghaveagh said...

mmmmm... I love Indian food!

Woodja Coodja post the recipe?? Huh? Huh? Pleeeeeaaassseee???

I just made some killer Korma Chicken the other night.

My fav is Aloo Gobi, though.

Tara Mobley said...

You wouldn't deprive Miss Bebé of the taste of your Saag, would you? Cuz I can't trust her to always be good.

Padre Mickey said...

Tara, I would never deprive Miss Bebé anything, but this might be a bit spicy for her little tongue. However, mommy and daddy might like it!

Aghaveagh, I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

johnieb said...

Godde love you, Padre, for sharing the recipe!

I guess I've gotten a rep for cherishin' mah vittles, but that doesn't mean I don't cherish those of others. I must avoid food that's overly spicy, but that's usually doable, though I realize it cuts back on the true experience.

Crimson Rambler posted a list of "100 things you've eaten" with a "Nevah happen" option; can you believe anybody would eat a raw Scotch Bonnet? And live?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh good the recipe, all then try and snag/slay one of them Corderos tromping down me calle and make it from scratch...fresh ingrediants are probably best...verdad?

Doorman-Priest said...

Excuse me but I make the best Saag with lamb.

Padre Mickey said...

Doorman-priest, I don't want to question your veracity, but, I don't think it's possible.

Perhaps we could meet in some neutral country and have a Cook Off.

I See You!

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