Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're Legal. . .

. . .for the next three months. Then our visa will be renewed for one year. But we have our new carnets (i.d. cards) and are safe for now. Next week all the rules change again and extranjeros will be required to get a new carnet. I asked our lawyer if we were going to have to get a different card but he didn't think so. This is all such a pain. But now we can get driver's licenses which will be good for three months. I still say everyone should be able to live wherever they want on the planet.

At least it didn't take the taxi long to get us to Migración; there was hardly any traffic as the schools and government offices in the city of Panama are closed (except Migración, obviously) in honor of Irving Saladino and his Gold Medal. Tomorrow the schools and government offices in Colón will be closed; I don't know why they didn't close today except that I hear Señor Saladino is visiting Colón mañana. It's supposed to be a national holiday, so they should close down on the same day as the rest of us. I said, "well, some estadoünidense guy won eight gold medals, which means I can stay home for eight days" but nobody was buying it. So, Happy Irving Saladino Won The Gold Medal Day!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Cry? I'll cry you a river!

Today, I gotta go back to the "fiscal" at the Ministry of Public Works to "report" on my missing car title from my stolen car...I'd already reported it, and my "tarjeta" de circulacion but it seems it was ommitted from the statement ANOTHER TIME in line...meanwhile, the new car, Vanna Whites current owner, needed a "extended title" as the one he has for the car is already filled up...he quietly ignored the "bill" at the lawyers office and they are calling me to come pay for his "pink slip" to be made legal...I threw a fit...just over the top with this stuff...but it's the way it is in Latin America and it CAN BE WORSE (as you well know), I'll try and shut up and just DO IT! (however, I'm deducting the pinkslip payment from the car cost).

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad you got it straightened out, at least temporarily.

Cany said...

Apparently, the Estados Unidos is not the only one with plenty of red tape.

Glad things are working out for you and the lovely Mona, Padre, and as for you Leonardo, another line? Oy! Leave someone with Vanna while you are in there! And get one of those disconnected starter thingies... that way your Vanna can not be hot wired.

susan s. said...

Good for you, Padre and the lovely Mona! It's too bad those visa's or whatever can't be for 2 years or more. But then they would not be able to collect the fee as often!

I love the picture of Mr Saladino!

I am watching way too much Olympics. The latest flap is that the young Jamaican man who won Gold in the 100 and 200 metre races 'didn't behave in a sportsman like manner' or something like that according to someone on the Olympic Board or whatever. Geeze, they are so unethical with having to be courted to have the olympics in a certain place! How can they complain about anyone's behavior! Oh well, I am too old for this caca.

it's margaret said...

Give our regards to Mr. Saladino, and enjoy your day!

FranIAm said...

I am beginning to think that all the problems of Panama (whatever they might be) are due to you and the Lovely Mona, going down there, stealing jobs, living of the gob-mint and so forth.

You just don't love America, do you?

Or Panama?!

Tee hee.

Glad you are good for a short time anyway.

I'm with you... pick a place and just go live there.

John McCain has some extra houses, maybe one could go live there?

I See You!

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