Sunday, August 10, 2008

How About Resolution 19, Most Holy Primates?

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Bishop David Rossdale, Bishop of Grimsby, discusses resolutions from Lambeths past, and asks why resolution 1.10 from Lambeth 1998 is more important than resolution 19 from Lambeth 1897, which reads That it is important that, so far as possible, the Church should be adapted to local circumstances, and the people brought to feel in all ways that no burdens in the way of foreign customs are laid upon them, and nothing is required of them but what is of the essence of the faith, and belongs to the due order of the Catholic Church

Is the rite of anointing the sick practiced at your church? If so, they'd best stop. Resolution 36 from Lambeth 1908 does not recommend the sanctioning of the anointing of the sick as a rite of the Church. If I followed Lambeth resolutions, our mid-week Holy Eucharist with Healing would be a bit different. To be fair, resolution 36 doesn't prohibit all anointing, if anointing "be earnestly desired by the sick person."

Elements of the WWAC want to treat resolution 1.10 from Lambeth 1998 as Holy Writ. I join Bishop David in asking "What about resolution 19?"


johnieb said...

Padre, Padre, Padre,

I'm ashamed of youse--usually a most astoot observer.

Dis is not about what resolutions are more equal than others, nor what source of authority beats de others. Dis iz all about doz icky Gay cooties--da male wid male ones; the ladies are not nearly so icky...but Iz digressing, and maybe regressing: whatever.

Lotsa folks in the church, or so it is believed by certain office holders, want no part of the icky, and de Fearless Leader always does as his followers tellz him, or he don have so many.

It's simple.

Jane R said...

Excellento, Padre.

As for Miz Maya, she say "squeak!" (Really. She just did. A living fur cat who squeaks.) Which probably means "Don't care what type cooties dey gots as long as dey admires me."

Or as a certain rooster would say, ¡¡¡¡¡Shriiiiieeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!

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