Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday's Prayer Breakfast

Parroquia San Cristóbal held a Prayer Breakfast at the Waikiki restaurant in Parque Lefevre Saturday. We hold a Prayer Breakfast every other year as one of the fund raisers for our parish budget. The theme for this year's breakfast was Sweet Hour of Prayer. We honored three members of the parish: Mrs. Milray Barrow, Mr. Vincent Smikle, and Mrs. Choroland McQueen. The Reverend Canon Glenda McQueen was our speaker, and we had prayers from Elder Marcelino Marshall of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Major Proverbs of the Salvation Army, Mr. Gittens, and our own Mrs. Adica Moore. An acapella group, G Harmony sang several times, and, of course, El Gran Combo Trio de San Cristóbal wrapped things up. We had a full house and a wonderful time; we started at 8:00 am and didn't leave until after noon!

The Lovely Mona took some 120 photos, but I'll only post a few.

Bernie, Ricardo, and Padre setting up

Folks at their tables

Folks from St. Alban's, Augusta, Georgia

The Head Table

Some door prizes

Preparing for the invocation

The G Harmony singers

Elder Marcellino Marshall

Major Proverbs

The Rev. Canon Glenda McQueen

Revda. Glenda and Mrs. Norma Blackman

Mrs. Milray Barrow

Mr. Vincent Smikle

Mrs. Choroland McQueen

Las Hermanas Lavalas

The Crowd

Mrs. Moore

Mr. Gitten

El Gran Trio de San Cristóbal


FranIAm said...

You all always seem to have a most wonderful time and what snazzy dressers!

Plus the Padre is one bad ass musician.

The whole thing just rocks.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Sometimes I think I want to move to Panama and do all the stuff that you about tradition and envolvement...everybody has such a good time too...I belonged to a Parish like that once...I was "social chair"'s fun, cranking things up.

Leonardo Ricardo said...
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Jane R said...

This looks ever so much more fun than one of those White House Prayer Breakfasts....

Love the outfits, including yours.

Also, I covet the little pillbox hat. Just makin' my confession here.

Cany said...

What a blast! This looks like a ton of fun!

And jane is right... some neat hats and the pillbox is just one:)

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