Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Hits It Out Of The Park!!

Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Well, we just watched Hillary Clintion's speech on the ABC website. It was immediately followed by comments by Sam Donaldson and some other bland Ken doll. It's difficult to believe that they were watching the same speech as we were; they started right in with how "gee, parts of it were all about HER." Well, WTF were they expecting? Of course part of it was about her. But she stated her support of Barack Obama over and over again. I guess it wasn't enough for Sam the Republican Butt Kisser and friend. But anyone who is not a Republican Party Shill (which seems to eliminate everyone reporting for U.S. television networks) could see that Hillary knocked it out of the effin' park! She was kickin' ass and takin' names! I guess the glue on Sam's toupee was seeping into his brain because he sounded like an idiot (well, to be totally honest, I've always thought that Sam Donaldson was an idiot) as he spent his time trying to find fault with the speech. It's hard to decide what her best line was, but I really liked: "No way, no how, no McCain!"

Well, what did YOU think?


Fred Schwartz said...

Padre Mickey,

I do not think I haveever seen her better. She surprised Chelsea, she surprised Bill, she surprised Joe Biden, she surprised just about everybody but herself! And BTW, she eanred the right to feel good about herself -- she worked awfully hard and came terribly close and she stood tall and proud and she did what she was supposed to do and someone has the nerve to say something negative?

Jane R said...

My exact words at the end of it were "She hit it out of the park!" Seriously. I thought she rocked.

Glad I didn't watch the pundits. Can't stand 'em.

Great for her to speak on the exact anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. Now go rock that vote, womenz and menz!

FranIAm said...

What Jane said!

And I am not a big Hillary person by nature - not for the cheap seat reasons either.

However- she had her big moment last night and she was outstanding.

Brava Hillary.

Matty Boy said...

I didn't watch it, but MSNBC pundits said she hit it out of the park.

Mary Clara said...

I agree, Padre. She truly rose to the occasion. I watched the speech on PBS and one of their commentators complained that she had talked too much about her own reasons for running, and that she should have said more specific things in praise of Obama to counter her earlier criticisms of him during the primaries. I think she was right to dwell on her own campaign and what motivated her, because that honored her supporters who had fought so hard for her and were struggling to get past their anger and disappointment. Having done that, she raised the pivotal question: Did you do that for me, or for the people I just described who need the help of our party and our government? Because it's about them, not about me. This was a beautiful way of giving them permission and motivation to move on and get behind the nominee. There will be time in the coming weeks for her to get more specific about Obama's fitness and readiness and capability.

It was a great speech that in my eyes truly redeemed her as a Democrat and a national leader. It had height, breadth and depth. It reached back into history and pointed us toward the future. We are going to have Harriet Tubman's words ringing in our ears as we go forward.

fear not said...

I am in complete agreement with you, mary clara.

Crescens said...

This was an absolutely awesome speech -- totally the best she has ever given!

It will have memorable place with JFK's "Ask not..."

"No way! No how! No McCain!"

Leonardo Ricardo said...

You should have watched it on CNN International...I have NEVER, I mean NEVER, heard a more carefully crafted, yet direct, healthy minded political speech in my life..."...what can YOU do for YOUR Country" comes to mind and I think the best think any of us can "do" is vote for the blue...truly inspired and inspiring.

Cany said...

Absolutely a home run!

I can hardly wait to hear Bill Clinton, he is just a good speaker (and can think on his feet!).

If you cannot stand the right wing media coverage of this, watch it on CSPAN,


Jane R said...

Yea C-Span!

I See You!

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