Monday, January 14, 2008

Campamento Verano Part II

The theme for the first day was "Yo" or "self." As Camp Chaplain, I lead worship twice a day. In the morning session I discussed the theme and gave them a question to ponder during the day. The Bible Study I wrote for the theme concentrated on being made in God's image. In the afternoon, the campers participated in a group of games which are designed to help them build their sense of self (I gots no idea how it works). They really had a lot of fun! Tía Sue left in the afternoon, so I took her cabin because then I would have a bathroom to myself rather than sharing with eight teen-age boys.
In the evening, we all gathered in the chapel for evening prayer and I asked the question again. It was like pulling teeth to get a response! However, they sure like singing! After dinner I watched their evening activity and then retired to my cabin to work on the message for the next day.

The campers singing and dancing in chapel on the first night

This is the gathering around the Circle on the first evening. Aldo Hall is explaining the rules of a getting-to-know-each-other game. That's Tía Sue on the far right in blue.

Here we are in the Circle getting instructions on the Bible Studies and being assigned to study groups. The campers remained with their group throughout camp, studying, playing, and even cleaning the dining hall together. Yes, the campers actually wash the dishes!

In this game a representative from each group took a mouth full of water and had to gargle a song all the way through. They all seemed to have trouble with this one.

The next game involved drinking a cup of water without using one's hands.
Getting instructions

And they're off!

In this game the players were blindfolded and had to put their feet in a bucket of water and pick-up marbles with their toes.

Blind-folded Bobbing for Limónes. Apples would be too expensive here, but we gots limónes all over the place!

Denzel counts and contemplates his limónes

In this game, one must place a ball between one's legs and walk all the way across el campo and then drop the ball in a bucket. It is much more difficult than it sounds!

I don't know what they're talking about, but I like this photo of Victor and Aldo


Mary Sue said...

Ah, Padre, excellent examples of the Universal Truth of Christianity: Church Camp rocks!

Caminante said...

You are one brave soul. I would die having to go through all that. But I am glad to see all those youth and that they are having fun.

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