Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Advice. . .

. . . for lots of people who hang around at the Dance Party!



Jane R said...

Padre Mickey!!

And you a priest of God.

When you get over an illness, you sure do celebrate.

"Winpick" said...

Oh look what you passed...it wasn't a "stone" afterall...

...what "fruity" remark/mark would that be? I certainly would have noticed a "fruity day" remark...well, maybe not, I've gone accustomed to "fruity daze" and they sound and look so much alike to me.

Q: Mirror mirror on the Mall Wall who/what is the fairest and fruitiest grimmer of them all?

A: Duncan Prune Pitts.

Winnie Pickins Malpipleyworth Hayes

Harbinger Hernandez Rosales Dimpleton said...

"Fruity Life"...just what kinda over the top, non Christian/other queer enhancing mumbo-jumbo are you producing here at this dirty little ditty of a, so called, Dance Party? I'm gonna call in "Slippery" Sam Greg-Floreen Venables and shut this filthy apple down!

Test flight:

Take a bite out of this harmless little apple won't you Eve?


"Rosie" said...

Dewey fresh daily from Kimura gardens where making your "fruity life" crunchy and hunky is our pleasure!

Rose Kimura Escobar Oba

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