Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well, Gallito Mescalito. Christmas is over, the neighborhood lights are down, and before we know it, Lent will be here.
So strange, just a couple of weeks ago it was Christmas and now there is no sign of its presence at all.
Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek? ¡SHRIEK!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Oh my! You're right!

Gallito Mescalito ¡shriek!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Yes, that's much better. I wonder if there are another decorations still about?

Gallito Mescalito ¡Shrieky shrieky shriek!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Hi boys!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well hello Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love! How are you?
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love I'm fine, thanks. You know, I'm sure there are some Christmas decorations around the house
Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank No, I think that backdrop was a fluke.
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Well, let's go see.

Gallito Mescalito ¡SHRIEK!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank That's right. The tree was right here and now it's gone.
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Well, I'm pretty sure there are still decorations or Christmasy things in the Family Room. Padre's too blind and self-absorbed to see them and the Lovely Mona is too busy with school work to notice them.
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Yes. Let's go check it out.

Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Oh my! The Telly-tubbies are still in their Christmas Pageant costumes!
Gallito Mescalito ¡SHRIEK!
Telly Tubbies Jingo beyohs! Jingo beyohs! Jingo beyohs! Jingo beyohs!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Now Telly Tubbies, Christmas is over. You need to take off those wings and stop singing Christmas carols.
Telly Tubbies Jingo beyohs not kismis song, it be wintah song! Not kismis, wintah!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Well it's Summer time here, not winter, so no more winter songs or Christmas songs. You should really be working on your songs and dances and float for Carnaval.
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love That's right, tubbies; you should be working on your Carnaval act!
Telly Tubbies Caownabal! Caownabal! Big Hug!!!

Santa Claus Yikes! I hope they don't notice me. I don't want to go back into that box for another year! Maybe if I sit still they won't notice.
Gallito Mescalito, off camera ¡¡SSHHRRRRIIIEEEEEEKKKK!!
Santa Claus Oh, crap!

Gallito Mescalito ¡Shrieky shrieky shriek!
Santa Claus I know, but I thought if I sat here quietly I wouldn't have to go into that box. You know, one year I sat out here until April, when Padre finally noticed I was here.
Gallito Mescalito ¡SHRIEK!
Santa Claus Well, how do you know I don't have some great Carnaval moves?
Gallito Mescalito ¡SHRIEK!
Santa Claus Oh, okay. Crap!

Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek?
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love Well, I guess it's a Lenten decoration. I really think Lenten decorations goes against the idea of Lent.
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love I think we should ask Red Mr. Peanut Bank

Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank Actually, I've never heard of such a thing. It seems to go against the idea of Lent.
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love That's what I told him. Actually, it looks like more of a Maundy Thursday decoration.
Gallito Mescalito ¡Shriek!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank No, Gallito Mescalito, there is no such thing as Holy Week decorations. In fact, we cover everything up that week. Get with the program!
Gallito Mescalito ¡SHRIEK!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank I think we should be working on our Carnaval routines.
Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love I agree. Come on, Gallito Mescalito. I'll teach you some steps I learned from Sandra Sandoval.
Gallito Mescalito ¿Shriek? ¡SHRIEK!

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail You know, folks, Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Miss Egyptian Hippo of Love are right; you have only eighteen days left to over indulge in everything you're thinking of denying yourself during Lent. AND you have a mere fourteen days to work out your Carnaval routines. So get movin'!!
Oh, and Gallito Mescalito and his "Lenten Decorations" idea is just nuts!

Well, you can't hit them all out of the park! There is a writer's strike, ya know!
The Lovely Mona wants to go on record as saying "Santa shouldn't say 'crap.' He should say 'ding-dang-dongy-dong' or 'Oh Blitzer!' but never 'crap!'"


Paul said...

I don't know about "Oh Blitzer!" but I found Santa saying "crap" quite refreshing. If I had to spend most of my year in a box my language might be less than polite too. Oh. My language is less than polite, Well, anyway....

Matty Boy said...

More remarkable than a potty mouthed Santa, you have a talking dog! A talking dog from Panama who speaks English. You should take that act on the road, it has to be worth a buck or two.

johnieb said...

If by "on the road", you mean Connecticut, where I am: Sir Bones, it is.

Cue up Willie & the Potsmokers.

"Bingding" said...

Oh, more talking dogs...ears perk, sharp focus on the screen!

On my 30th birthday (over 30 years ago) I got a tad tippsy on almost the corner of Market and Castro (indoors) San Francisco...I walked out of the Tippseria for a breath and sat down on a apartment entrance step nearby...just a little refresher/recharger I thought was in order when a dog came up and talked to me...didn't seem odd, very reasonable dog, good dogly advice...I haven't tippled for 29+ friends didn't believe me...silly geese some kept drinking and they aren't around anymore.

Perhaps, it's the brain damage that allows *some* to hear and *some* to be flying at a more noisy level of understanding?

Talk to a dog, that'll Straighten you out (even if your Gay).

Who knew/knows?

I'll bet my next rabis shot that Senorita Wiggletail will have much to add to
the songs and dances and float for Carnaval...gotta getta grip on the parade.

Lic. Bingham Moroni Hornblower Chico de Oro Zeffinberger Fitz

"Criswist" said...

Santa Claus drinks and needs to go for rehab for a year...swearing in front of the children (me and others) is clearly OUT...running OUT of control Santas often get "boxed" and then sleep it off.

Gloria Zingblatt Hughes-Vortez Cristobal Slimington Wist

Oxford Group

"Harp" said...

Red noses are not only on lead raindeer!

Haperfield Gonzales (still not related)

Dennis said...

I like the idea of Lenten decorations. Purple things scattered about the front yard to confuse the Baptist neighbors.

Jane R said...

Poor Lovely Mona, always trying to clean up your language. It's hopeless, Lovely Mona. Don't worry, he's too valuable for anyone to fire him.

This was a fine episode, and as for the comments, a) I'm with Dennis and b) you know I love, love, love Gloria Zingblatt Hughes-Vortez Cristobal Slimington Wist and the other alter egos of our Leonardian holy HarperField. c) JohnieB, you been hitting the herb again? d) Matty Boy, I think the Panamanian dog is a great act to take on the road, and since Señorita Chompita doesn't curse in any of her fluent languages, the Lovely Mona won't have to worry.

Jane R said...

e) Oh geez, Paul darling, I didn't mean to leave you out. I am so effing tired after our fabulous Diocesan Convention that I have little brain problems. I was going to say something more profane but I have to watch my language in public these days.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Excellent episode. I loved seeing the characters working out amongst themselves the church seasons and what is and isn't appropriate.

I tell ya, Padre, if ya hadn't had the jingle in front of the beyohs, I would never have known what the hell you were talking about. Oops! The lovely Mona won't like that.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Can I just say how much I adore the fact that you always call her "the lovely Mona"?

If my ex had ever referred to me as "the lovely Doxy" in the sincere way you refer to your Other Half, things might have turned out differently...

Anonymous said...

I think you're Lovely, Doxy.

Leonardo Ricardo

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