Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hoy En La Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

Today we baptized Kenneth Alexander Ramires into the Family of God. When the famiy arrived and I saw three babies, I had to ask Mrs. Moore if our plans had changed; (they'd already changed once, as I thought there were two to be baptized but learned yesterday that one family had to reschedule), but it was just little Kenneth; the other babies were his primas.

I called all the children in the church to join us around the font so that they could witness the baptism (it can be difficult to see with all those adults in the way!). Little Kenneth was sleeping when I baptized him in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and woke up when the water touched his forehead. He cried, which according to the most ancient traditions, means the demons were leaving him (at one time priests pinched the baby during the baptism to make sure it cried!).

Our organist at the 10:30 am service, Bernie Murray, is on vacation, so Katia Medina played guitar and Ricky Staple and I provided the riddim. At the Offertory we were really cooking during He Decidido Seguir A Cristo (I Have Decided To Follow Jesus) and I finally had to signal an end to the jam as I had to get to the altar and prepare the table, as Padre Cáceres is at campamento with the students from IESC who are performing their Servico Sociál.

It was a very happy, up-beat service, but they usually are at Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal.

The Photos:

Antes La Misa
Mrs. Muriel Doyle and Mrs. Milray Barrow

Ms. Annie Wilburne

Las Niñas: Francella, Britanny, and two friends

La Familia y Los Padrinos (Our baptizand is the little one in the middle)

Durante La Misa

El Pacto Bautismal

Acción de Gracias sobre el Agua


Kenneth Alexander, yo te bautizo en el Nombre del Padre,

y del Hijo

y del Espíritu Santo, Amén.

Kenneth Alexander, quedas sellado por el Espíritu Santo en el Bautismo y marcado como propiedad de Cristo para siempre. Amén.

El Coro

Profesora Katia Medina on guitar

Ricky Staple and Padre propel things along while Profesora Priscilla McQueen helps lead the singing


Juanuchis said...

Love it, Padre. Our supply priest preached a fine sermon on baptism today. I'm glad you had baptisms to perform!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Beautiful, Padre. What a fine looking Bébé Kenneth is.

I finally had to signal an end to the jam as I had to get to the altar and prepare the table, as Padre Cáceres is at campamento....

LOL. What a church! You'll never have that much fun back in the US.

"Silly Villy" said...

Dear Padre, Kenneth is a wonderbaby...I know "stuff" and I'm telling you that this child is a win win winner (por favor Dios)...glad you're back in all the familar places...I hate it when you go have your other congregation...right here, all smiley faced and happy that God has given us you.

Vilma Sanchez Escobar Glick

"Leonardo Ricardo" said...

Hola a Mrs. Doyle...Happy Everything and I'm so pleased to see her looking so lovely this year!

Leonardo Ricardo

I See You!

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