Saturday, January 26, 2008


No, it wasn't the rum or lack of same, and it wasn't the pain. Chompy went on a tear on Thursday night and I took the photos and decided to make a story around it. Didn't mean to traumatize so many people!

Stay tuned for next week's adventure: Chompy and Bunrab's Happy Rainbow and Gumdrop Time Singalong!


Paul said...

Oh fer heaven's sake, now he's makin' fun of da grievin'. Pain does terrabul tings to folks. Fill dem glasses wit' some Abuelo while I fetch sum insulin.

Aghaveagh said...


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole sequence.

But then, the animals here do far more unspeakable things on a daily basis.

(How about a dog whose ears perk up in joyful expectation when he hears the unmistakable sounds of a cat in the throws of a hairball vomit-jag?)

"Slendora" said...

It's the truth-o, Paul!

Padre Mickelstein is near giggly with anticipation of "The Chompy and Bunrab, Happy Rainbow and Gumdrop Frestival" next week...but I'd like to know, just whom, do youm intend to play the part of Bunrab (since you neglected him during your minor, almost painless, round of aledged Kidney Stones) and allowed him to be eaten alive?

All I can say, which may be a break for you in disguise, is I HOPE you're all happily healed and fresh as a daisy while Bunrab is undergoing rehabilitation (it's so extra hard when one is dead).

Slenderella Davila Walkerman Hemmingway, President of the Lovely, Mona and Doxalinski Fan Cluuub.

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