Monday, January 07, 2008

Saturday Night at la Catedral San Lucas

I'm trying to catch-up with posts before I head off for campamento. All my posting will be today, as I will be away from tomorrow through Saturday, with no internet access.

Last Saturday evening we participated in a Solemn Evensong at the Cathedral of St. Luke, the seat of the Diocese of Panamá. The Rt. Rev. Juliio E. Murray Th., Bishop of the Diocese of Panamá, installed or seated or I-don't-know-what-to-call-it the Canons who were named at Diocesan Convention last year. Reverendo. Luis F. Cáceres, Assistant Rector of Parroquia San Cristóbal and Canon Chaplain of the Episcopal Schools; Reverenda Glenda McQueen, Interim Priest at San Pablo and Canon for Congregational Development; and Lic. Walter Smith, Canon for Theological Education were honored. Canons in the Diocese of Panamá have their own special seats at the cathedral, so they were officially "seated." It was a very nice service, and I chanted the prayers in both español y engish. Here are the photos.

The Rood Screen at Catedral San Lucas


Bién Cuidao pastores (Many times when one parks in Panama City, one will be approached by a young man who will watch your car while you are away. He will say bién cuida'o (bién cuidado). When you return, you will pay him a quarter. These shepherds are the bién cuida'o guys for los Tres Reyes Magos.

The Thurifer censes the congregation during the Magnificat

Bishop Murray with the canons

Bishop Murray presents the new Canons to the congregation

¡La paz del Señor sea siempre con ustedes! (The peace of the Lord be always with you)

The "seating"

The Canons are properly seated

Later, El Obispo tells some story about the Terrible Padre Mickey, who has no shame

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Paul said...

¡Que sorpresa! No me digas que eres un sinvergüenza. (Demos gracias a Dios)

"Seb" said...

No shameth? He sayeth ye is boldish and overly beamish?

The world around us does truly astound us!


No time for shrinking violetas!

Have a great trip Padre!

Sebastian Dangerfield Obama

Jane R said...

Felicitaciones (I must have spelled that wrong) a todas y todos!

More partying in Panamá. Que sorpresa.

Caminante said...

Ooh, I like the mola clergy shirt! Can you get a black shirt with some type of mola??? Way awesome.

Matty Boy said...

Padre, it looks like you're channeling Jack Nicholson as The Joker when you are standing next to El Obispo.

Also, I agree 100% with Caminante. The mola clergy shirt is fantastic.

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