Friday, January 18, 2008

Final Campamento Photos

So, Saturday was my final day, as I had to get back to Panamá for Sunday. I presided at the Eucharist in la Capilla and then the Lovely Mona arrived to take me home.

There are a lot of these spiny trees out by the Dining Hall. I have no idea what kind of trees they are.

Trees without thorns

The Altar in la Capilla

Counselors and Campistas from San Cristóbal with the Lovely Mona and Padre Mickey


David Austin Allen said...

Mil gracias for sharing. It makes it like we were there. So many smiling faces in all of your fotos. That young man sitting in the blue camiseta is going to break a lot of hearts! So handsome.

Padre, you are a good 1600 km north of the equator. It is Winter in the northern hemisphere. I think countries so close to the equator might not have distinct seasons, but why do you keep saying it is the Summer?

Padre Mickey said...

In Panamá verano is dry season. It's warmer than usual and there is less rain. One can actually pour salt and other spices for the next two and a half months. So we call it summer. We have two seasons, dry season and rainy season. Actually, I think we should call verano "not quite as rainy season."

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