Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances...

1. Act Of Love Neil Young (with Pearl Jam)
2. They Don't Want Music Black Eyed Peas (Featuring James Brown)
3. Vergine quante lagrimho gila sparte (Palestrina) The Hillard Ensemble
4. Wildflowers Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstandt, and Emmylou Harris
5. London Calling The Clash
6. Prayer Of Death Charley Patton
7. Blind Love Tom Waits
8. Cosmic Spaciousness Sharrhan
9. Hypnotise The White Stripes
10. I Got A Job Nick Lowe

I thought this was going to be some kinda jam list for the first two songs, but then it just went nutso as usual.Prayer of Death is not a Goth Death Metal thang; it's a gospel-blues thang from a field recording. Sharrhan is someone Mona met in Boston last year, and she is a friend of the Dance Party and checks in somewhat regularly. Her music is flute stuff with tapes loops, I guess it's a kinda Flute Loops, the cereal we all enjoyed as children. Makes totally iTunes shuffle sense for her piece to be followed by Hypnotise! The last number is from an early Nick Lowe demo I downloaded from somewhere a while ago.

I've been really busy for the past few days, and I'm still swamped. I'm not sure how late Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito will be this evening.

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