Thursday, January 17, 2008



Tara Mobley said...

And when protests do happen, they are dismissed as anti-American squacking from the Left. Kinda soul-crushing.

Padre Mickey said...

Tara, mija, ¿qué significa la palabra "squaking"?

Tara Mobley said...

Sorry, misspelled. Squawking, which does mean to protest, but seems to have developed a dismissive connotation.

Padre Mickey said...

Oh yeah, squawking. Even I know what that means. Don't let the bastids git ya down, keep protesting. That's why we raised you in Berkeley.

johnieb said...

O Jeez, Padre Mickey, not you too.

Well, I became an antiwar Leftist in 1964, and went to Vietnam that way, and haven't seen any reason to support any of this imperialist war-mongering, but who listens?

Only a few. Thank you; yeah, why ask? All y'all.

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