Monday, January 07, 2008

Last Night (And Today) At St. Christopher's Parish

Last night we had our traditional Epiphany service, Festival de las Luces, with our pageant. We didn't have as many children participating as many of them are at various summer camps. Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal is having their camps, and Diocesan Summer Camp starts tomorrow. Some kids are off at their grandparents for the Summer, so the Youth Group, Luz de Mañana, put on the pageant. The Lovely Mona and I rehearsed with them on Saturday afternoon and bought pizza and sodas, so it was a happy occasion even though we didn't have enough actors for the Magi. The Festival of Lights is a a nice little service. We start with some Christmas carols, and then I give the collect and read Matthew 2:1-12. Then the pageant is presented, with songs during the performance. Meanwhile, candles are lit in the chancel, around the altar, to represent different characters in the story. Finally, the actors go out into the congregation and light their candles. We sing two Christmas carols in the candle light. The benediction is given, and we sing a final hymn, and everyone processes out with their lit candles. I was the musician for the service, as all our organists were at work somewhere else.

Today the Panama Prayer and Fasting Group had their annual gathering at San Cristóbal. They alternate each year between Panama City and Colón. Today they celebrate their 38th anniversary. It is an ecumenical group but tending more towards Evangelical Protestantism. I've spent most of today getting ready for campamento, but I stopped by to give a welcome to the group. They do a lot of cool singing, and I enjoyed listening to the speaker, although I disagreed (to myself) with some of her statements. They seem to be having a great meeting.

As usual, photos follow:

Luz de Mañana in rehearsal


¡Here comes the Arc Ángel Gabriel!

The Annunciation

Mary's soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and her spirit rejoices in God her savior.

María y José

Joseph doesn't look very happy about Mary's news

The Shepherds

La Familia Santa (I don't know, but I think the Baby Jesus looks like a basket of muffins. There is a doll in there.).

The shepherds worship the Baby Jesus

Lighting candles

The chancel with all the candles lit

The Prayer and Fasting Group listening to the speaker

Padre Mickey welcomes the group and does a little preaching, too

The Prayer and Fasting Group (that's Major Proverbs of the Salvation Army with the epulets on her blouse)

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FranIAm said...

Lovely. Seeing the photo of the annunciation reminded me of something I recently read.

In Guatemala, in the 80's- the military dictatorship outlawed the public recitation of the Magnificat.

Too rebellious.


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