Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yikes! Cooties!

I've been thinking about the reaction of Certain Bishops to our PB, and while they pretend claim it's theologically based, it appears as if the basis is probably misogyny, in my opinion. And since the majority of their supporters appear to be right-wing types (this is my impression from reading any political commentary at Kendall's Place and Viagraville), I'm wondering what will happen to them when if Hillary Clinton wins the election. What will they do? A woman bishop is bad enough, but a woman president is probably a Sign of the End of Life as We Know it. Well, they'll probably hater her more for being a Democrat than a woman, although that woman-hating thing will be icing on the cake for their types. Of course, the PB On Whom They Hang Their Hopes, Bishop Gregory Venables, is bishop of a country with a Woman President! Oh No!!!

Many countries have or have had woman presidents! We had a woman president here in Panamá, and she was a disaster, but it had nothing to do with her sex and everything to do with her being an Arnofista, the Panamanian version of Crazy Right-wing Nutso Republicans.
So, will our Misogynist Friends (wait, they're not misogynists, they are simply following God's Word!) leave the U.S. if such a thing happens? We can only hope!


FranIAm said...

A woman preznit? Dang Padre- isn't that one of the horsemen - or should I say women - of "teh apocoplypse"!?!

You pose a good question. You make good observations.

Wait one goshdarn minute... you're not a woman now are you? Are you?

P.S.Should things go in another direction, I am requesting permission to join the Padre Mickey Cone.

(Can you explain that Cone thing to me one day please?)

I apologize if I am making joking remarks about something not at all funny in your church. My warped sense of humor and too much time spent at OCICBW.

Reverend Ref + said...

Just imagine if Hillary does win . . . hmmm . . . I wonder if Guv Jeb will work to affiliate Florida with Bolivia or Nigeria.

Caminante said...

"Woman President! Oh No!!!"

Oh noes!

Paul said...

Well, let us first praise Godde that Jeb ain't Guv no mo'. Hallelujah!

It would truly be a wonderful thing if the United States could enter the 21st century instead of trying to move back into the 19th (or earlier) or bomb us all back to the stone age.

I See You!

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