Monday, October 06, 2008

Ayer En Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

All photos by the Lovely Mona

Yesterday we celebrated Senior Citizen's Day at the 7:30 am service. Mrs. Moore gave an inspiring talk on the challenges and advantages of el tercer edad(the Third Age as we call it here in Panamá). Then we had another one of our Festive Coffee Hours. Here are some photos of folks at breakfast.

After the service Ricardo Staple gave Enrique a drum lesson

The month of Septiembre was the Month of the Bible in Panamá (officially!) and yesterday evening the parish Youth Group, Luz de Mañana, put on a program in celebration of the Month of the Bible, entitled Dios Habla Ala Hombre (God Speaks To Man). There was singing and talks and a skit and El Gran Trio de San Cristóbal (Reynaldo Taylor wasn't available, so El Gran Combo couldn't perform) did a medley and also provided the music for the sing-a-longs (we're big on sing-a-longs at Parroquia San Cristóbal). It was a very pleasant way to spend the evening. Here are some photos of the program.

Angie singing

Padre gives the Invocation

Peter Wright gives a short talk on "Not Blind Faith, but Hopeful Faith."


Bernie Murray on keyboard

Da Riddim Sección

Carl Bilanfanty speaks on the theme God Is Watching Me

Las Chicas

Mrs. Moore

El Gran Trio de San Cristóbal


The Skit


Doorman-Priest said...

Your Seniors are up at 7.30 am? I am deeply impressed!

Padre Mickey said...

Seniors here get up at 4:30 am, or at least they all CLAIM that they do.
7:30 am is our big service. Everybody wants to go to church before it gets too hot.

Jane R said...

Glad to see Mr. Staple back in fine fettle!

Jane R said...

P.S. Great shirt, Padre.

susan s. said...

Oh, Jane, you got all my comments!

Mr. Staples _is_ looking fine, period!

"Not Blind Faith, but Hopeful Faith."
You are doing good things down there, Padre.
And I like Jane, love your shirt...

Padre Mickey said...

The Altar Guild made me that shirt several years ago. I like the molas on it. You can't get a clergy shirt like THAT in the U.S.A.!

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