Friday, October 17, 2008

Political Displays

Antiwar yard display

Here in Panama people don't have political displays in their yards, especially in our bariada where almost everyone has a wall around their property. People do paint their walls in the colour of their political party. When we lived in California neighbors would place political signs in their yards supporting their candidate.

Go read this article at the Daily Episcopalian by the Rev. LeeAnne Watkins and her experience with a political yard display which is a bit troubling.


Mary Sue said...

It's a little disturbing like the ocean is a little wet!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the lead to this story. Truly it is troubling when we as people are able to excuse such bad behavior as with excuses such as "you're the first one who has complained..."

I'm still dealing with the stupidity of my sister who told me when I found out I was voting for Obama, "Aren't you afraid?" "Why? Of what?" " know..he scares me..." "And because how?" "Well..." Yeah, you guessed it. The color of the skin and the rumors swirling around his name....

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