Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Little Savage Elvis Costello and the Attractions
2. Cracking Up Nick Lowe
3. Flexible Flyer Hüsker Dü
4. Pano Da Costa (Jon Hassell) Kronos Quartet
5. I Will The Beatles
6. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) Marvin Gaye
7. Time Goes By So Slow The Distractions
8. Missa Aeterna Christi Munera Credo (Palestrina) Oxford Camerata, Summerly
9. Love Hater Outkast
10. In Dark Trees Brian Eno

Hey, didn't the Lovely Mona do a great job last week with the Friday Random Top Ten? You betcha she did, Charlie! AND she got a lot of that XTC stuff which is so popular with a team of mavericks like wut we gots at the Dance Party!

Gee, the iTunes shuffle was kinda hung-up on the Elvis/Nick Lowe axis for a bit, but we soon moved on, you betcha! All I'm gonna say about this list is that the Jon Hassell thang takes FOREVAH to git started and I really, really, like the Outkast thang, but wadda ya expect? We're a buncha mavericks around here! That's what us mavericks do, listen to stuff that was popular years ago. It's mavericky! Oh yeah, Matty Boy had a track from the SAME MARVIN GAYE ALBUM on his top ten list today, 'cuz he's mavericky, too, ya know! It's the kinda change that Joe Sixpack wantsta have!


Matty Boy said...

You're darn tootin', Padre! I gots the Elvis, you gots the Elvis, I gots the Marvin, you gots the Marvin. You gots the Nick, and I gots his pal Dave Edmunds! Why didn't we agree on that one?

'Cos we're mavericky mavericks, that's why, and we aren't gonna always agree, but we are gonna move forward and not live in the past and not point fingers of blame but solve the problems, 'cos that's what mavericks do!

Oh, yeah, and I forgot! We don't wave the white flag of surrender, though sometimes we listen to Black Flag, but that's completely different, OBVS!

Jane R said...

The Lovely Mona did do a great job with the shuffle: she ROCKS. The Moose-Killer, not so much.

Sure you betcha.

Paul said...

email your brodder n law. He done lost your emaile when he did a erase and install on hiz mac

Mona's brother

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