Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh Yeah, It's Hallowe'en

We don't do Hallowe'en here in Panama. Back in the days of the Canal Zone they did Trick or Treat, but I don't think the celebration really moved very far outside of the Zone. When the Lovely Mona and I first came to Panama way back in 1999, we lived in Paraíso, a former Silver-roll town and we would get a few kids on Hallowe'en. Our neighbor, Mrs. Manning, used to send her grandchildren up to the house to collect her Hallowe'en candy. But now we live in Chanís and we don't get Trick or Treaters, which is fine, as we don't have any candy.

This is my favorite Punkin' Pitchure, and I posts it every year I loves me some punkin' violence!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

In my little Pueblo we have no trick or treating either...people would be hard pressed to come up the the candy for the thousands of kids...but tomorrow, is the really big day when everyone visits their departed at the cemeteries throughout the country...they take food for everyone, yes, them too and it´s a big holiday with superduper kite flying...some groups, clubs and fraternities make kites so big that it takes a team to help them take off and´s spectacular:

Padre Mickey said...

Hola Leonardo.
In Panama Nov. 2nd is the big "visit the cemetery" day.
Sunday morning we will celebrate All Saints y Todos los Santos, and then in the evening we'll celebrate All Souls y Todos los Difuntos.

FranIAm said...

That punkin pitcher looks like an angry John McCain celebrating Halloween after a bad stop on the Crooked Lie Express.

You can just imagine him frothing the word "my friends" out of his punkin-y mouth.

David |Dah • veed| said...

Last night I encountered something which terrified me. I had gone out with a few friends for carne asada. Afterward, I was sitting in la Plaza Alameda talking with one of them until about midnight. I then walked the five blocks home.

I was walking in the street because sidewalks here can be treacherous in the dark. As I came around the corner of an intersection, just a block from home, I came face-to-face with a dozen fully robed & hooded Ku Klux Klansmen!

They immediately surrounded me as a couple of them shouted, "Is he one of the Blacks!"

My blood ran cold, my heart beat rapidly and I felt all color drain from my face. It was truly a frightening experience.

Seeing how this really startled me, one of the boys reached out and touched my shoulder and said, "Forgive us sir, we did not mean to really scare you." With those words I was quickly back to the Mexico I know, with normally polite teens and young adults.

Emboldened by their politeness I asked if they realized that the Klansman would just a likely lynch them for being latino, and catholic?

They basically said they did not know much about the Klan, they just thought that it made a cool group custom fore going out to the discos together on Halloween.

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