Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vice-presidential Debate

Immediate reactions while watching the debate:

According to Sarah Palin, the Republicans have not been in power for the past eight years. The corruption and greed on Wall Street are an aberration! Also, I've seen Ms. Palin wink four times so far. And she keeps droppin' them "g's"! Ooh! She just insulted Gwen Ifull! "Want cha!" "Work with cha!" "Maverick, Maverick, MAVERICK, DAMN IT!!!" The Lovely Mona: "She's talking a lot but not saying anything!" She certainly doesn't answer questions! Padre: "I wonder if her eyes are brown 'cuz she's so fulla sh*t!" (not to disparage anyone with brown eyes, which, of course, is the majority of the human race.)* Jeff Greenfield said "she passed the Tina Fey test; she didn't have that 'deer-n-the-headlights' affect." I wonder what colour eyes HE has!

Well, CBS News instant poll of "undecided voters" 46% said Biden won; 21% said Palin won; 33% said it was a tie.

So, how many estadoünidense want that perky woman from the Laundromat one heart-beat away from the presidency?

What did YOU think?

*Seems that she has green eyes. Like me. Well, you know, some times I'm fulla bully.


Matty Boy said...

Princess Sparkle Pony has the word: squinkiness!

susan s. said...

Did you hear her call the opposition Obama/Obiden?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

But, but , but...

Your didn't get it!

You didn't understand what she was insisting on saying!

One thing is for certain!

She didn't get it either!

Whatever the subject, McCain will handle it because he's a Maverick and so is she.

So it's fine to continue to avoid thinking about real stuff.

My favorite.

Pretend (so multi-use/flexible)

Lovely is right, she used words and said nothing.


Tara Mobley said...

She annoys me. She said nothing of substance, acted all cutesy, and held herself in what I would describe as a flirtatious posture a lot of the time.

I've had enough of politicians who affect a folksy demeanor. I also am upset that everyone's expectations of her were dropped so low before the debate that even a faint glimmer of competence from her was going to be lauded.

Oh, and the Panamanian crocogator toy has a really good weight.

Jane R said...

Ya know, she kept starin' into the camera smiling and doin' that straight talk, so people could relate to her, ya know.

You're right about the flirtation, Tara.

Jon Stewart got it right (without having seen the debate - I'm sure he'll do more next week after his weekend break): she started practicing and rehearsing and sure, she did well (even if she just did well uttering platitudes) on her flying trapeze.

Well, let's get the focus back on the presidential candidates next week. Si, se puede.

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