Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't Forget. . .

The Republican Party brought us this mess. This all started with the Reagan Administration (the last time the Republicans talked everyone into putting a 900 year-old man in the White House). This is the result of the REPUBLICAN Free-market-deregulation-get-Government-out-of-the-way-of-the-friggin'-invisible-hand economic policies.

While some "Christians" are worrying themselves sick that gay couples are being allowed to marry, an economic system based on ursury (which the Bible condemns in no uncertain terms, unlike the questionable clobber versese so popular with the fundies) is collapsing and we're all screwed.

My question is: where does the money go? Its gotta go somewhere. Who has it all now?

This is what Republican economic policies do; read your history. How on earth can anyone vote for these people and their failed policies?


Tara Mobley said...

I've never understood why the Republicans think that an unregulated market is such a good idea. I have read my history, and before market regulations there was a normal cycle of bubble, panic, depression.

I know we're all screwed. I just hope that I have enough actual productive skills to help keep my family in shape so we can ride this out.

Cany said...

I could not possibly have said this any better or more succinctly.

Reagan's RAYGUN has now put our economy on stun... and the life force is dying.

Forgive me God, but I detested that man's policies from the start. Everything he did was as from a stupid-stick.

California has never recovered, let alone the nation.

While canvassing many years ago for prop 102 (insurance reform) here in CA, i bumped into a man that was with GE when Reagan was doing the commercials for them, etc. He said Reagan was as dumb as a box of rocks... but could (like Palin) reel them in.

It is a sad day when personality v. policy wins. If only it was that simple in war??? Or, come to think of it, maybe not.

And of all times, that should be VERY clear now.

If EVER there should be a solid and decisive opinion on the free market, dereg, anti-environmentalism etc., it should be now. But it still seems that at least almost half of us are either too polarized or stupid to assume that position.

Instead, we align ourselves against a wall, voluntarily, to be shot.

Doesn't get more stupid than that.

Fred Schwartz said...

just an observation -- I think we have all assumed that position.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

The problem, AIUI, is that the money never really existed. It's all about people's perceptions of value--and right now, perceptions are tanking.

My ex, the CPA, once told me that the stock market is nothing more than legalized gambling. We all know that the odds always favor the House---we listened to people who told us we WERE the House. We are now paying for our stupidity and our greed.

I do blame Republicans and financial regulators for this, in the main. But I also blame the rest of us, who never seem to get past our belief that we can get something for nothing.

Dăhvēd Ăūstēn Ăyān Sācōr said...

In the USA and the UK billions of dollars are tied up in the real estate of all those millions of defaulted mortgages.

But it effects the rest of us. We have no such housing market in Mexico, but the peso is falling in value. Two weeks ago it was 10 to the dollar. Wednesday it dropped to 14 to the dollar. At this moment it is 13.6 to the dollar.

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