Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Evening's Debate

Old White Guy lectures the future on what a great guy Teddy Roosevelt was

photo: Steven Crowley/NYT

Immediate reactions to the debate.

John McCain just insulted everyone: "I bet you never even heard of Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac before this crisis." It was the effin' Republicans, since the days of Ronald Reagan, who brought about this mess. That old honky is in DENIAL! The Republicans are the party of deregulation. Every stinkin' Republican should have their taxes raised to pay for their folly.

I'm sorry John McCain, but the best workers in the world are not in the U.S.; the best workers in the world are Asian, and that's been the case for some fifty years.

Republicans and Republican Free Market economic policies are what have destroyed our economy. When the Democrats were in power, we had a surplus. The Republicans have given the U.S. two recessions and have destroyed our surplus.

Lieberman isn't bi-partisan; he's a Republican butt kisser.

"Energy Independence" Come on, the party of BIg Oil is the Republican Party. He thinks we're all stupid!

Obama is right; when Kennedy asked us to go to the moon in ten years, we did it in less than ten years. The Republicans and George W. Bush haven't given the U.S. any goal other than "keep shopping." It's time to destroy the Republican party before it destroys the nation.

I'm sorry, Senator McCain, but the last president to raise taxes during an economic problem was Bill Clinton, and it worked!!! Oh yeah, that last tax rebate worked really well, right?

The Lovely Mona says, "are Joe Lieberman and John McCain lovers?"

"We can't drill our way out of the problem and use fossil fuels to solve the problem."
Well, someone is paying attention!

Tom "I luvs ya, John McCain!" Brokaw keeps getting on Barack!

"I'm a maverick, my friends. I voted against my party a long time ago. We gotta drill and drill right now!!" I saw the red light come on but he's still flappin' his lips, and Tom didn't say anything about it.

John McCain was wrong on Iraq. And he's right; we don't have time for educating Sarah Palin on the job when John McCain drops dead of cancer or old age.

Padre: "I think he's sleeping with General Patreaus, too."

Is John McCain saying that Barack Obama is not a "cool hand?" Hard to believe we're hearing that from the U.S.'s meanest granpa!

I'll bet that John McCain respects Teddy Roosevelt because he knew him personally.

McCain is recycling phrases from the last debate.

I don't think McCain realizes that he just got gay cooties shaking hands with Terry Sherry.

Geez, there are still undecided voters? Are they part of the Special Voters Olympics?

Barack won the staredown.

OOh! John McCain refused to shake Obama's hand! He made Cindy do it instead! What a wanker!!!


Matty Boy said...

McCain knows how to win wars!

McCain knows how to find Bin Laden!

McCain knows how to get things done!

I'm just as old meanie, but I wonder with all the physical limitations he has, does he know how to wipe his own ass?

Grandmère Mimi said...

A+ for this, Padre.

This old man called us "my fellow prisoners" today. I'm not kidding.

Wasn't Obama the coolest? I think I'm falling in love. Of course, standing on the stage next to McPoopy (PJ made that up), anyone would look good - and cool.

Tara Mobley said...

Me, I'm still fuming over McCain's "overhead projector" remarks. He made it sound like the earmark was going to pay for one of those overhead projectors used in public schools, not an expensive, complicated machine capable of simulating the movement of the night sky and God knows what else you can program into those things these days. Unless, of course, he believes that the government has no business in helping keep the population educated.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Tara, the overhead projector thing drove me over the edge, too - among other things.

Padre Mickey said...

Tara, John McCain is a Republican. What did I teach you about Republicans? They want to keep the public ignorant. They can't win when people are knowledgeable and thinking!

Tara Mobley said...

I know, I know. You taught your daughter well. And it didn't surprise me to find out that McCain is anti-science and pro-ignorance, but it still makes me mad.

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