Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain/Palin Threat Level Indicator

From Nate Silver at


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think McCain (and his handlers) are scared sh*tless...Sarah is too filled with silly PRETEND and terminal illusion to know that she´s in a HUGE MESS!

PseudoPiskie said...

This election terrifies me. What will the Repugs come up with to win? I don't trust the Amurikin voters who are notoriously racist but won't talk about it.

Cany said...

That's a beaut:)

Leonardo, agree... but Sarah is THE pique of ambition, believing, imho, that God has chosen her (as her church members have said) to carry Alaska as God has destined (which includes being a post-rapture sanctuary)... oy.

She is vicious, a liar, an end-times dominionist, and I remain contending that both she and Todd are likely on the national terrorist watch list due to their affiliations.

Can you imagine ME on that list? I probably am, given my past. You think I would get a 'pass'?

I am a strong supporter of our constitution, thus not afraid to use my first amendment rights to free speech and freedom to assemble (I am completely non-violent, have never owned a gun, won't own one, don't know how to shoot one, and, in general, despise them).

I have never been a member of a violent or violence-promoting group. I have never been a secessionist (and Todd WAS for 7 years, which included by affiliation relationships with the John Birch Society, many, MANY, militia groups, some very violence promoting, etc.).

I am FAR more scared shitless of Palin than McCain's campaign, and by extention, McCain himself.

Obama is a constitutional scholar. He taught constitutional law for 12 years, something the McCain camp fails to mention... ever. I mean who really needs the constitution, right? And we should hate all lawyers (including all those commie ACLU types that file suit to let the KKK march).

I can appreciate, and believe we desperately need, someone that understands the history and meaning of our constitution--for a CHANGE. We MUST undo the constitutional suspensions in the Patriot Act and its newer more dangerous version.

This is SUCH an important election for so many reasons.

The blue-hairs that spout out at McCain rallys are the fascists that ignore our constitution and believe they have the God-given right to tromp on anyone they disagree with.

We know how well that worked for TEC, and now we have to deal with the national political picture. They are not far apart, and, actually, not unrelated in their inspiration, as you well know.

I remain hopeful, but unconvinced, we will win despite the polls which look pretty damn good, and NOW even NDatoka is in play... can you believe it?

Some red states are leaping right through purple into blue, and some rapidly changing hue by the day. They may never make it to green, but that is our job to do, later.

I never liked red, as a color. Too hostile and hard. Fits, doesn't it?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

So what level does Homeland Security say that we're at right now?

Matty Boy said...

Here's my two cents.

Donald Segretti for Nixon: Got the job done, but he was running against McGovern.

Lee Atwater for G.H.W. Bush: Got the job done, but he was running against Dukakis. His star shines brighter because he died young.

Karl Rove: Student of Atwater, did wonders with George W. Bush, but his methods sometimes only made it close enough to steal. Also, he got his ass handed to him in 2006.

Steve Schmidt: Student of the student, something like a third string quarterback. Which means, he sucks. The mood of the electorate is going the wrong way, and he has put together a truly rock f#%king stupid campaign.

I understand people are afraid. I myself know that as a gambler, weird stuff happens. But this team the GOP has put up is WAY behind and not running in the right direction.

Just sayin'.

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