Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain Campaign Is Hitting Its Stride

He's got us right where he wants us!

from www.bartcop.com

We've just had eight years of tax cuts for the rich, and there aren't more jobs. Anyone paying attention knows that the economy is in the crapper. Why do John McCain and his Evil Twin, George W. Bush, continue to claim that tax cuts for corporations and re-distributing the wealth to the richest 1% is the way to save the economy? It doesn't work; it hasn't worked. You've got to be totally hypmotized to believe such blather.

As for Barack Obama being a Communist; well, I've never seen him at our meetings!

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Anonymous said...

Obama´s not a Communist...Regan and his buddies killed all the Communists in the Western Hemisphere didn´t they...they did make tens of thousands of slight, non-Communist, mistakes in the campo, but who cares? Dead is dead...verdad? McCain thinks Regan was a GREAT MAN! Does this fool and Palin, the foolet, even KNOW what is behind what they think they ought portray as GREAT HEROIC AMERICANS?

Gustovo Herniatediscington

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