Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John McCain Abandons Former Love

Joe The Plumber
The Lovely Mona says "This photo is inappropriate!"

Joe Lieberman and Former Boyfriend

John McCain

Well, the most important thing I learned in this debate is that John McCain has abandoned his lover of the last debate, Joe Lieberman, for this new guy who he met last week, Joe the Plumber, which leads all of us to wonder: Can we elect such a fickle, promiscuous person as president? I say, "No! No! A thousand times no!"
As a person living in Latin America, I must say that, if I have an opportunity to negotiate with Uribe or Chávez, I'm going with Chávez!

I just want to say: John McCain is a lying sack of s**t! I can't believe the stuff that man said. Also, while I believe his handlers told him to wink, he kept winking with BOTH EYES! John, you're doing it wrong!

Well, I believe that John McCain and the Republican party have lost four debates in a row, but OCICBW!


Grandmère Mimi said...

"This photo is inappropriate!"

Indeed! May I remind you, Padre, that you're a man of the cloth?

Nevertheless, McCain is a ass.

Padre Mickey said...

Waddaya sayin', the cloth is undaweah?

Caminante said...

We people of the cloth have morals and supporting McShame is IMMORAL.

Lynn said...

Padre, I have a friend who's a plumber, and actually he's an Episcopalian. Perhaps that's why it's safe to view him from behind, now that I think of it. Too bad his name isn't Joe, he could be famous now.

Mary Sue said...

Why does everyone keep talking about Joanne? I mean, yeah, she's cool and all, and her wife Carla is a really neat woman, but just because she's a plumber doesn't mean she should be talked about like this!

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