Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lake Logan

Things are a bit slow tonight. Well, not if you are in the Diocese of Pittsburgh; If you're in Pittsburg may you think you're suddenly in Argentina and should probably be worrying about the level of your comprehension of español. So, I thought I'd post a few photos from the location of the CREDO conference I attended a week ago. It was held at Lake Logan in Canton, North Carolina. I had never been to North Carolina before; I had visited South Carolina during my Wayward Youth, but don't remember much about it except for some killer onion rings I had at some roadside restaurant outside of Florence. But I digress. . .

Lake Logan is beautiful. It was once the Executive Retreat for the local Paper Mill. Now Episcopalians hang out there. The staff is wonderful, the accommodations are terrific, and the food was wonderful, too. My only complaint is that since it is in a valley, it's still dark at 6:30 a.m. when I like to take my morning walk! And it's much colder than Panamá!

So, photos: You know the drill. Click on the photo for a larger, more detailed version

The Dining Hall

The Dining Room

Hemlock Cabin, where I stayed. It's next to the Dining Hall, which was extremely convenient!

The path to the field

The field

Another view of the field

The river (where I come from, we'd call that a creek, but I guess the definition is different in N.C.)

A fire place for bonfires. As you can see, Sarah Palin's insidious influence pervades even a beautiful place like Lake Logan.

The mountains

Lake Logan. I wanted to take a canoe on the lake, but the only day there was room to do so on the schedule, it rained! ¡Qué lástima!

I decided to get arty and take some nature shots:

The Lilly Pond, which can also be used as a skeeter farm

Close-up of the Lilly Pond

The Woods

'Shrooms, Dude!

Two Old-fashioned Cabins

A fireplace by the old-fashioned cabins

Qué bonita, ¿verdad?


Caminante said...

Thanks for the photos — I will be going there next year for CREDO II.

Fuzzy Southern Mountain Moose said...

Who-all are y'all callin' insidious, dude?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That's are gorgeous place...are civilian heathens allowed? Love it!

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