Sunday, April 15, 2007

13 Floor Elevators

I'm listening to the best psychedelic band to ever walk the earth, the 13 Floor Elevator. The Lovely Mona found this live album on cd back when we lived in Berkeley, and I have always loved it. I also have their first album on cd. My friend Mike Evans turned me on to this band. He lived in San Francisco, and every time we went to visit him and his lovely wife Paula, back in the early 1970's, we would end up dropping acid and listening to the first 13 Floor Elevator album. It seemed that Creature Features would also be showing "Godzilla and the Smog Monster" on that night, too. I have never seen that film straight.
The13 Floor Elevator featured my hero Roky Erikson, and this incredible jug player, who also appears on the live album. You really gotsta check them out!!!


Jane R said...

Hey Mickey, on a totally unrelated matter -- just heard via CDSP via John Kater that Shintaro Ichihara and his wife Shoko (did you overlap at CDSP? nice nice folks - now back in Japan) just had a little girl. It's their first baby. Everyone is fine. No name yet for the baby but she is pink and has black eyebrows already and a very cute mouth.

Episcopalooza said...

Ah yes.

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