Thursday, April 26, 2007

Da SyncMastah!

On April 2, a day which will live in infamy, the Lovely Mona arose and took the sweet Señorita Chompita Wiggletail on her walk. When she returned home, whilst the Padre snored away in the bedroom, she fired up the macmini and was shocked when the screen wouldn't come up. Yes, our display was on the blink. And blink is the correct word, as it would flash for a second and then go dark. Padre awoke, swore, and messed with the computer for an hour, then surrendered and called the Shop. The LG monitor was on the fritz. It's under a three year warranty, but LG Panamá will take a month to repair it, so Padre brought the eMac home from la oficina so that the Lovely Mona could finish her studies for the year (which she finished on Monday!! Yahoo!!!). Today, after a major thunderstorm, the ol' eMac decided not to turn on, so we were forced to go purchase another display for the macmini. We purchased a display which was relatively inexpensive, but has the wonderful name of SyncMaster 740n. All Hail the SyncMaster!! The only problem is it's always showing that photo of the Forbidden City.

I hates having to buy new stuff all the time!

This morning, while standing in the shower, I thought "Maybe there's a circuit breaker or something on that eMac." So, before the Lovely Mona and I took off for DataServe (Your Authorized Apple Service Center in Panamá!), I tried to find another button. There wasn't another button, but I pushed the "on" button (Push the button, Frank) and it came on! Praise the Lord! Everything is working again!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, your post is old but I hope I get a response. Dataserve doesn't seem to be apple authorized. They changed my logic board in the end of 2010. They installed an older one that does not fit 100% to the newer Macbook I gave them to repair.
When I complained about that at the Apple Europe hotline they couldn't see ANY authorized apple partners except in Mexico and Brazil! They told me they or an authorized partner would never install a logic board from a 15" early 2008 MBP into a 13" Mid 2009 MBP. The serial number of the logic board tells that the part was from a MBP that was never sold officially. Be careful. MAYBE this dealer trades with stolen products!
I wrote to Dataserve in Panama, too. I still have no answer.

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