Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Executive Director of the Dance Party Institute® Speaks

We are at a grave moment of crisis, my friends. Our dear friend and supporter of our Great and Important Work, the Madpriest, who has a blog which I know all of you read, Of Course, I Could Be Wrong, has been nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award in the field of Religion. Please, go here and vote for the Madpriest's blog. If you don't, the Satanists will have won, along with the terrorists and George W. Bush's White House. And it will all be your fault.

Vote early and vote often!

Padre Mickey de Panamá, Executive Director of the Dance Party Institute®, with the permission of the Lovely Mona.


Saint Pat said...

He's got my vote! I didn't like having to register at the site, but did it for our MP.

Dennis said...

they only let me vote once. Obviously no one told them that anyone who has ever lived in Chicago can vote at least twice in any election.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find him on the list...I went through it many votes does he have?

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