Friday, April 13, 2007

Double Friday Random Top Ten With Bonus #11

Well, we didn't do this last week, so we are making up for it. The iTunes gave a great random top ten. I left the shuffle on and the next eleven were so good I decided to add them, too!

1. Three and Nine Roxy Music
2. Human Alchemy XTC
3. Soul Sister, Brown Sugar Sam and Dave
4. Complicated Game XTC
5. Zero Hour The Plimsouls
6. Cumbia De Los Muertos Ozomatli
7. Gidget Goes To Hell Suburban Lawns
8. Rum Lord Kitty
9. The Day They Might Be Giants
10. Soy Solo Para Ti Victor Boa y Su Musica

Two songs by Panamanian artists AND Gidget Goes to Hell!

1. Muffy King Missle
2. You Get What You Deserve Big Star
3. Loquebantur Varlis Linguis The Choir of King's College, Cambridge
4. Riverside Kirk Franklin
5. 1000 Umbrellas XTC
6. Hong Kong Garden Siouxsie & the Banshees
7. Chess Piece Face They Might Be Giants
8. 52 Girls The B-52's
9. O Rubor Sanguinis (Hildegard von Bingen) Sequentia
10. Fond Youth Is A Bubble (Thomas Tallis) Theatre of Voices & The Kings Noyse
And Bonus #11 No Creo Shakira

Come on, too cool! Big Star, Siouxie Sue, The B-52's AND Shakira!!


Caminante said...

OK, here's my ten on shuffle:

Vollenweider, Night Fire Dance (Down to the Moon)
Pet Shop Boys, Red Letter Day (Bilingual)
Rachmaninov: Vespers, Rejoice O Virgin (Robert Shaw Singers)
Christopher Cross, Never be the same (Very Best)
Jean-Michel Jarre, Virgin (The Essential)
Mamas and the Papas, Dedicated to the One I love
Nazz, Meridian Leeway (Nazz Nazz)
Don McLean, American Pie
Tracy Bonham, Something Beautiful (Blink the Brightest)
Georges Moustaki, Le Temps de Vivre

Padre Mickey said...

Hey Caminante,
Is that Nazz the Nazz in which Tod Rungren was a member?

Caminante said...

You bet. Tod Rungren and Nazz Nazz, great group. My older brother brought that group's 33 home from boarding school.

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