Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Padre Mickey's Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Padre!!!!

In our house, we always played the following two birthday songs for the birthday person. And they are:

Happy Birthday - Altered Images
Birthday Boy - Residents

To Padre, I dedicate these two songs.

First, as always,
Happy Birthday - Altered Images

happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday, happy birthday

happy, happy birthday in a hot bath
to those nice nice nights
i remember always, always
i got such a fright
seeing them in my dark cupboard
with my great big cake
if they were me
if they were me
and i was you
and i was you
if they were me
if they were me
and i was you
and i was you
if they were me and i was you
would you have liked a present too?

happy birthday, happy birthday

And now, the scary birthday song so loved by my husband and children,
Birthday Boy!!

Bulging eyes abound about
The birthday boy today;
Screaming, "Creaming eyes!"
Screamed he,
His mother looked away.
"Creaming eyes explode upon
An apple pirate toad
And if an injun ate a plate
I'd laugh and live abode."

Nervousness itself was shifting
Guests against the door,
"Forgive us dear, but, uh, baking beer
Is what we should be near."
"Bye," the bothered birthday boy said,
"Bye," the bothered birthday boy said.
"Bye or sell or bye."

Other great birthday songs: Birthday by the Beatles, huh, I know there's more. What are your favorite birthday songs?
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episcopalooza said...

Happy Birthday Padre! I voted for your blog today and I didn't even know it was you day.


Dennis said...

Happy Birthday! I trust that there will be a real live dance party today to celebrate.

Mary Sue said...

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti, Padre! May God grant you many years!

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Today Padre, you da man!

Jane R said...

Happy Birthday! Party on!

I just admonished people to read your blog and I didn't even know it was your birthday. A bunch of us from your Dance Party seem to be psychic today. Or else we are just doing our duty under your DPI Executive Directorship and you have well begun to take over our minds.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Just for you, Padre, for talking about me behind my back. I know it's disrespectful to a man of the cloth, but I must get my revenge:

Happy birthday to you.
You live in the zoo.
You look like a monkey,
And you act like one, too.

And now a very heartfelt "¡Feliz compleaños a ti!"

Tara Mobley said...

Happy Birthday Padre!

Padre Mickey said...

Muchisimas gracias a todos.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the coolest Padre in Anglicanoland!

Truly, you are amazing in every respect (well, ok, I don't know *every* respect but you're still wonderful!).

Leonardo Ricardo the Good

Charlotte said...

Many years, Padre!

When I was in the SCA, we used to sing a humorous birthday song we called the Mongolian Birthday Song ... verses went like so:

Happy Birthday (ugh)
Happy Birthday (ugh)
May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake


This past year none other than Elvis Costello wrote my song ...

PseudoPiskie said...

A rather late hope you had a Happy Birthday, Padre.

toujoursdan said...

Bonne fête a toi
Bonne fête a toi
Bonne fête Révérend Mickey
Bonne fête a toi

Matty Boy said...

And many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

Shrieky Shrieky a ti
Shrieky Shrieky a ti
Skrieky, Shrieky, Shrieky, Shrieky a ti!

The Rt. Rev. Gallito Mescalito

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Felicidades from The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The Rt. Rev. Red Mr. Peanut Bank

Anonymous said...

Purrrring para ti!

Mr. Chompita's Chewed-up Squeaky Kittytoy.

Anonymous said...

Feliz todo mi amor, mi cielo, mi corazon mi amigo siempre (con huesos de leche boquitos)!

Señorita Chompita Wiggletail the Beautious Carnivorous and Perfecto

PseudoPiskie said...

Now, as a birthday present, everyone needs to go to Blogger's Choice and vote for our Padre.

Eileen said...

I voted for Padre!

All hail Padre Mickey!

I See You!

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