Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging With A Cast Of Several!!

The Boys have decided to start a Night Club, El Club de los Conejos de Panamá I'm not sure they quite understand the concept.

1. Red Mr. Peanut Bank Bunny: "And I said, 'We really need a place where an inanimate object can be posed for photos AND have a drink, like the Playboy Club in Chicago!'"
Wooden Kuna Woman Bunny: "¡Es una idea muy bonita!¨
Señor Cantinero Bunny: "¡Mucha gente en la cantina esta noche! ¿Verdad, Señor Gallito Mescalito Conejo?"
Gallitio Mescalito Bunny: ¿Shriieek? ¡¡Shriieeekk!!

Mr. Matching Bow Tie and Overalls Bunny Bunny: "And I said, 'What kind of Club de Conejo doesn't serve a MacGreggor's Hoe? (Vodka and Carrot Juice)
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kittytoy enters
Señor Caninero Bunny: "¡Bienvenidos a el Club de los Conejos de Panamá!"
Gallito Mescalito Bunny: "¡Shriek! ¡Shrrriiieeeekkk!"
Mr. Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kittytoy: "Er, yeah, Buenos Tardes a ustedes."

3. Mr. Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kittytoy whispering: I dunno, dere's somtin' weird about dis place, but I can't put my finguh on it.

4. Red Mr. Peanut Bank Bunny: I'm sorry sir, but if you are going to stay here you must adhere to the dress code.
Señor Caninero Bunny: ¡Chuletas!

5. Waddya 'spect me ta do? I wanna drink!!


Anonymous said...

My life changes when I enter the world of talk like: "The Boys have decided to start a Night Club, El Club de los Conejos de Panamá I'm not sure they quite understand the concept."

Well, I understand the concept and I'm soaking up the atmosphere and feel'n the good feel'ns and I only ordered a diet Pepsi (gets me going)...I put on my puffy white cotton tail to adhere to the strict dress code (even though I'm crushing it at the momento)...and getting pretty jazzed about being with all of you again...Friday, our night to howl at Padre Mickeys!

Thank you for being here, I love you all...bastante!

Leonardo Ricardo Anonimo-lo-mismo

Caminante said...

Reminds me (sort of) of the cheesy bar we had in grad school, appropriately called, 'De Basement.' You could get beer, wine and chips really cheap... so was the décor.

Eileen said...

Whoa! So, did they have the mind altering drinks BEFORE they got to the club???

snickers...bunny tails!

Padre Mickey said...

Come on, Eileen (DMR reference!)! I would have loved to put up little tables and chairs and drinks on the tables, but the kids are all grown up and I don't have any Barbie stuff around (believe me, she would have made an appearance by now).

I gottsta woik wid what I gots.

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