Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday at the Hogar

It was really a quiet day at the Hogar. I first worked with Rosa Mari, then Estefani. Sinilda and her sister were at the hospital because they have some problem with their mouth which you can read about in Tia Sue’s blog.

Johana had cut her foot in a painful accident on Sunday. The girls carry her because she can't walk on it. Enibeth brought her my books to read. Johana told me some time ago that Enibeth was her best friend. I don’t doubt it because they are always together when I’m there.

Some of the girls wanted me to take a foto of them so here they are. Aren’t they cute?

Foto 1 Rosa Mari

Foto 2 Estefani practicing cursive

Foto 3 Johana reading

Foto 4 New girl whose name I don't know

Foto 5 Carla

Foto 6 Enibeth

Foto 7 Carla and Sol.


Jane R said...

Very cute! You can tell them Tia Juanita said so. Lindissimas.

Matty Boy said...

The three pillars of successful blogging: Pretty girls, babies and dogs.

So now all you need is Evvie and Chompita and your week is all set.

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