Monday, April 30, 2007

Parade of 1000 Polleras

All photographs by Eric Jackson, The Panama News. Click on photo for larger version

Yesterday was the Parade of 1000 Polleras. The Pollera is a long, full skirt which is one of the national symbols of Panamá. Nowadays pollera means the entire outfit, including the camisa, or blouse. A proper pollera includes motas or wool pompoms on the front and back of the neck of the camisa, and tembleques, hair ornaments made of wire and beads which resemble flowers, mariposas, and even birds. St. Christopher's offers classes every two years in the sewing of polleras and in making tembleques.

I wasn't at the parade yesterday, but my good friend Eric Jackson of the Panama News was there with his camera. I'll share some of his photos. You can see all twenty-six photos at the Panama News site. Just click on the link.

Look! ¡Diablitos Sucios! A Conga Queen! Ruben Blades! And lots and lots of polleras!


Jane R said...

MP is going to have a field day with this ;-). And Matty will love all the pretty girls.

You must be in blogs ratings season in Panamá.

Caminante said...

Cuando vengo en Panamá, necesito comprar más molas... and the beaded bracelets with the wonderful patterns. The one I have is twenty years old and a bit busted up.

Padre Mickey said...

Caminante, the Lovely Mona knows all the best places to purchase Molas y shakiras y them beaded Kuna thangs, the name which escapes me at the moment.

I remember the time we were at Puerto Belo, visiting the fort with some guests. I saw some lovely molas, and I asked the Kuna woman the price. She gave it to me but I didn't quite hear, so I said, "¿Cómo?" She responded, but I didn't quite hear her clearly, so I said, "¿Cómo?" This time I noticed the price was lower, so I said, once again, "¿Cómo?" The price went even lower, so I said, "¿Cómo?" That time she punched me in the arm! So I bought two molas from her.

Anonymous said...

Spiked Dragon head with striped absolute favorite...ka-bunga-ka-bunga-ka-bang!

Leonardo Ricardo Cha Kazunga Kang

MadPriest said...

Frock city, man.
What a show.
Oh, what a sacrificial ministry you have Padre - NOT!!!!!

Grandmère Mimi said...

¡Las niñas en las polleras están hermosas! Las señoritas, tambien.

No mires, Padre.

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