Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

1. This is The Tick. He is a Super Hero. Is super powers are nigh-invulnerability, which allows him to crash and bang about without injury; super strength (he can bend a steel girder with ease); and "drama power", or basically a tendency for the Tick's powers to increase as the situation becomes more dramatic. He can also survive out in space without a suit and underwater without oxygen. This is an old photo. It is also a bit blurry, which matches this evening's theme.

2. This is a tiny little bear the Lovely Mona got with a box of Red Rose tea during some ancient promotion. I can't get a clear photo of him, 'cuz he's shaking like crazy, or 'cuz he's so tiny I can't focus the camera, one or the other. Today the Tick and the Blurry Bear join the cast of Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank And Gallito Mescalito Blogging!

3. Tick: My super-ticky-sense is aware of the presence of an enemy, one I have yet to meet, but one so full of evil I can barely stand up straight!

4. Blurry Bear: It is I, your new nemesis, BLURRY BEAR! I will disarm you with my unfocused cuteness, rendering you helpless as I conquer the entire planet, starting with the Heart of the Earth, PANAMÁ!!! Jijijijijiji (a blurry, evil laugh)

5. Tick: You don't scare me. Look! I am HUGE! I am BLUE! I make the background REDDISH IN HUE! I AM RED, BLUE, AND POWERFUL!!

6. Blurry Bear: You are nothing to me! Try to focus on my eyes! Jijijijijiji, you can't even see them! Also, not so huge are you, it's all in the camera angle.

7. Red Mr. Peanut Bank: You are rather short, Tick. And trying to focus on that bear hurts my eyes and is giving me a headache!
Gallito Mescalito: Shriek-shriek! Shriek! Shriek! SHRIIIEEEKKK!!!
Tick: Well, it's all relative. That bird is giving me a headache!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: That BIRD, as you call hu, is my best friend and bigger than you and not intimidated by un oso emborronado, ya big chicken!
Gallito Mescalito: Shriekshriekshriekshriek!!
Tick: I wish Arthur was here!

8. Blurry Bear: You're all giving me a headache. I will stand out here on the car! You win. I am almost in focus, you nasty trio.

9. Red Mr. Peanut Bank, Gallito Mescalito, the Tick: We have vanquished the foe. WE ARE ALL HUGE!! SHRIEK! SHRIEK!! SHRIIIEEEEKKK!!!!

Ya know, it's getting harder and harder to come up with stories, as you can tell with this evening's episode. I'm just not that inspired. I admit that Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging is a strange feature, and I suspect if keeps me off the Episcopal Café and E piscope blogrolls. I invite all story writers to submit stories to mgdbach at hotmail dot com. I'll take the photos, you write the stories. Otherwise I will be tempted to put the boys on hiatus. Of course this means next week I will be totally inspired and will come up with the BEST EPISODE EVAH, but until then, send me your ideas.


Reverend Ref + said...

Dude . . . you have way Way WAY W A Y too much time on your hands.

You're scaring me.

Padre Mickey said...

I agree with you, Ref. Ref+! This one didn't even get a comment from Leonardo Ricardo.
Of course, if I had two churches in the great wastes, er, I mean, great wilderness of Montana, maybe I wouldn't be inclined to pose inanimate objects about the house. Actually, I blame the Tropical Heat.

Anonymous said...

WAIT A MINUTE HERE! I came, last Friday and you hadn't been inspired yet and I spent all day, into nightimeo, in Bigtown since! Of course I came directly here to find the boy's the momento I couldo...and Rev Ref apparently knows little (or noth'n) about "Realismo Magico" and the charm of seeing it in full Latinocolor on your Friday display here at Padre Mickey's (this is too sophisticated for some other blogs to link)...personally, I've been waiting to see NEWS about any possible "love interests" developing...I know, the Church doesn't officially acknowledge "same sex" marriages (except in a Diocese North of Montana)...but heavens, even inanimate "objects" have feelings that sometimes develop into partnerships (you shown us over and over again)...Ok, if you don't want to feature any of the "gang" as LGB or T's please let's have a little, yet confusing, romance about what really goes on South of the border(s) and how we all get saved in the end!

I love Fridays and I never look at the music stuff because my mind is too cluttered to hear outside sounds.

don Leonardo Ricardo de tinytown

Anonymous said...

I think a "Co-Dependent" episode would be nice...and a "Thou Shall Not Steal Stuff" episode dedicated to ++Conehead (easily portrayed by one of the existing cast such as "Squeaky Kitty Chewed Up" about some timely "social messages"!

Leonardo Ricardo

Saint Pat said...

I notice Mr. Tick is not anatomically correct. Perhaps that helps him crash about outer space without injury.

Or, if he IS anatomically correct, well ... he's got problemas, si!

Jane R said...

You could always send the boys on vacation. That way you'd have a few Fridays off and then by the time they got to Matty's or Leonardo's or Pat's one of those fellow creative types would set them up and film them there... of course you might not want to rist sending them by mail, plus they might miss La Chompita Wiggletail.

Ed said...

I'd miss the boys, but I wouldn't mind seeing Señorita Chompita Wiggletail have her own spin-off. As for "Realismo Magico", I always thought it was a literary genre until I worked with a congregation of about half Central Americans; now I'm not so sure ...

Anonymous said...

As for "Realismo Magico", I always thought it was a literary genre until I worked with a congregation of about half Central Americans; now I'm not so sure ... ed

You got it! The "wafting" in-and-out of "unreal" and colorful stuff from beyond normal that visits (pops into) everyday reality is a staggering and fascinating thing to behold...last week I took a visitor to a lovely Maya ruin (there was almost nobody there) and suddenly a Shaman appeared from the bushes and started doing a clensing ritual at the site of the "ancient burnings" (shortly begun/built/used after start of Common Era) was a stunning visual experience and we were welcomed to participate in "cleaning" rituals as they were underway and we stood spellbound on the sidelines...I must admit I felt wonderful after the smokey pine nut incense, flaming candles bubbling alcohol and thrashings with bundles of weeds and the dozens of Honey Bees that landed on me without a "sting" was completed and the smokey site became motionless was amazing as the Shaman was not a tourist attraction but simply the Shaman performing his sometimes "mass" and then disappeared as quickly as he appeared (with his assistant who was a sorta look-out who didn't let others get even close)...much chanting, crossing one-self and combined religious symbolism "elements" and I noticed many "land conservation" requests were petitioned to the Gods...later, we drove to a gorgeous lakeside stone chateau (built from materials right out of the homesite over a generation ago) of another friend of mine and had a heavenly lunch on a "muelle" and slept peacefully for two, do I feel good and my friend from Chicago still can't/doesn't want to "get over" what happened to him under the mystical volcanos as he sits sorta stunned and staring into space back in Chicago.

Leonardo Ricardo

Ed said...

Gracias, Leonardo. I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

What case ed?


Anonymous said...

lol, it all seems normal to me but I do notice...

Ed said...

Leonardo, all I meant was when living with magic all around, reality takes on a special quality. Your story seems to me to illustrate that idea, which seems to be particularly well developed in Latin America. I'm delighted to get an informed perspective from where it's happening!

Anonymous said...


There are so many examples...the place is thick with "realismo magico"...a vistor to one of our former U.S. Ambassadors said "you either 'get it' or you don't...and if you don't, you better leave fast!"

I agree, but it did take a little pschological/emotional "snap" years ago before my screen cleared up enough so I could see/feel/sense and grasp extra dimensions better without running screaming from the room.

Leonardo Ricardo

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