Friday, April 27, 2007

Local Colour

A few weeks ago the Lovely Mona and I were in Gamboa for a service at St. Simon's. I just found these photos from that day. One is of the railroad track next to the Canal. The other two photos are of The Bridge. The only way into Gamboa, other than the Canal, is across this one-lane bridge. All traffic is one-way, directed by the traffic light. I've actually seen cars backing-up on the bridge because they decided no one was coming and ignored the light!
See that crane in the background of the third photo? It is huge and painted red, white, and blue. It floats down the Canal. I've seen it used to change gates on the locks over at Miraflores. One day when we lived in Paraíso I saw the top of the crane passing by the top of a hill next to our house; that was one of the strangest sights I've ever seen. I wished I'd had a digital camera that day!

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