Friday, April 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Eileen the Episcopali-fem has tagged me with this "Six Weird Things" meme.
According to the rules I must:
1. Reveal six weird things about yourself on your blog, and
2. Tag six people to do the same.

This will be quite difficult as I am, as you will soon learn, as normal as can be and really don't do anything one might consider weird. I hope that you are still awake once you reach the end of the list.

1. I sings songs to Chompita about Chompita, but there's nothing weird about that...

2. I pose inanimate objects about the house and take photos of them, but most people do that.

3. I create stories and dialogue for those photos, but who wouldn't?

4. I tend to count repetitive motions, as do all decent, right-thinking people.

5. We have coloured plastic clothes pins. When I hang up the laundry I must use matching coloured clothes pin, and set up a pattern throughout the clothes-line such as purple, orange, green, purple, orange, green, or one line all purple clothes pins, the next all green, and the next all orange clothes pin. We have six clothes-lines so I can go through each colour twice. But I'm pretty sure that Jesus would do the same thing.

6. I had catalogued the DVDs by genre, release date, and importance, but the Lovely Mona claimed that she couldn't find anything and put everything in alphabetical order. I still think my method makes more sense.

So, there ya go, nothin' exciting or weird here! Move along. Just as normal as can be.

I tag: Matty Boy, Janis (Juanuchis), Rev. Ref+, St. Pat, Luiz, and Psuedopiskie

So far everyone except Luiz and Janis have done their part. There have been no visits to the Dance Party from Brasil or West Virginia for the past two days. 'sup wit dat?
I've been following this meme as it wends its way through the Episcopal Blogosphere and am amazed at how many of our clergy appear to have minor cases of ocd. 'sup wit dat?

This has been a visit from the Alter Guild


Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly seem normal to fact, you, apart from the colored clothes pin arranging gigs, are well adjusted!

Leonardo Ricardo, Nutsperson Especialista

Anonymous said...

Have you considered alternate colored clothespins in perfect repitition or "clipping" out a tune in colored clothes pins and making Lovely Mona "name that tune?"

Just checking?

Gotta go get my hands busy.

Anonymous said...

Or, making the "lines" into "lines" of "sheet music" for writing songs with notes in clothespin that can only be read from above?

Heavenly "offering" songs?

Marvin the Good

Anonymous said...

Colors have strength and force...colors are mood altering...colors can be symbolic and patriotic...colors can reflect the colorers mood, tolerance level and freedom to "be" non-stoppedly...what do your colors reflect today Padre Mickey?...colors can be a "social statement" if you get pissed off or filled with glee or possibly "one" could spell out nasty or loving words (in various languages) that no one else would see except by helicopter or with spyglasses from a neighboring tree (house?).

I think my ONE cup of coffee (only one is allowed or I have hummingbirdites for the rest of the day) has kicked in.

Gotta fly!

Yamma Ya Ya Ya!

Jane R said...

I had catalogued the DVDs by genre, release date, and importance, but the Lovely Mona claimed that she couldn't find anything and put everything in alphabetical order. I still think my method makes more sense.

I don't own enough DVDs to do that, but I do that with my books (though not re: publication date) and it seems pretty logical to me. My best buddy colleague from my current job (religious studies prof at a small college) now has gone thematic too, but last year, in his ongoing search for logic, he organized the books in his office by color. So it wasn't a shelf on Buddhist ritual and a half shelf on Shamanism, it was a red shelf and a half shelf of green. Since he remembered the books by color, he always kept track. He's gone all logical now with the themes, just like you with the DVDs. Maybe the publishing houses just started producing too much beige.

...apart from the colored clothes pin arranging gigs...

I thought everyone arranged color patterns on their clothesline. Doesn't the order of the universe depend on Cosmic Clothespin Color Coordination?

PseudoPiskie said...

Clothesline? What's a clothesline? ha ha ha

I have bird feeders hanging from my clothesline.

Matty Boy said...

I have performed my contractual obligation; it is posted at where some of YOU may be tagged as well.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Eileen said...

Yes...this is a list of very normal behavior...

For a 6 year old with OCD!!!

(runs and hides...)

thanks for playing Padre.

Grandmère Mimi said...

No, no, no, Padre. No way I'm weirder than you. What's with the colored clothespins and counting repetitive motions? Those two, in themselves put you "out there" weird.

The photos of the inanimate objects that talk is endearing, if a little odd, but not quite weird.

The Lovely Mona's right about the CDs.

PseudoPiskie said...

I did my duty too. Sure dislike putting the burden on others. Suspect few of them look at my blog anyhow.

I'm not weird, just an old made.

KJ said...

Perhaps you misunderstoot the meme, Padre. This is a list that defines normalcy.

Reverend Ref + said...

Okay . . . six items posted. I have to admit though, none of them seemed weird to me at all. Although Mrs. Ref just rolled her eyes at me.

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