Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Granddaughter Photos

Well, she's standing (with some help) and she has developed the Dresbach-Johnson "fake smile" which is so important for most human interaction. After closer examination of the photo, it appears that her parents have lopped off her right foot, probably in some disciplinary action. We did the same stuff with her mom. You gotta keep 'em in line!Meanwhile, back in Boston, her cousin takes it easy.
photo removed by request of mother
Hey, have you voted for this blog over at that bloggerschoice thang? My goal is to come in fourth, behind Madpriest, Fr. Jake, and Susan Russell, although I may have to settle for fifth behind that Kaeton woman. I can live with that. As long as I beat Standfirm and Titus 1:9. Oh yeah, and as long as we beat those papist bastids.


Jane R said...

Love those big cheeks! And the little one has grown a bit.

As for the vote, I haven't voted so far (are you asking us to choose between you and MadPriest? Oy! Or can we vote a bunch of times like Chicago and Boston?) but I am accepting bribes. :-b

Padre Mickey said...

Jane, the great thing is you can vote for both of us. I want everyone to vote for Madpriest, Fr. Jake, Susan Russel, that Kaeton woman, Richard at Caught By The Light, our dear Caminante, AND padre mickey.

Don't vote for Standfirm or Titus 1:9 'cuz de be mean.

Matty Boy said...

While you're votin', Princess Sparkle Pony is up for best humor, best political and best entertainment. Give the Princess some love! (I voted for padremickey and madpriest. Yay!)

Cute babies, of course. They will be featured on my blog to get my quota of Pretty Girls, Babies and Dogs.

Jane R said...

Don't worry, no way am I voting for da mean folks. I don' like mean. I don' think Jesus like mean either. And great we can vote for more than one. Richard at Caught by the Light is a friend :-). And That Kaeton Woman rocks. Plus she sure can preach.

MadPriest said...


If you don't want this child to grow up to be one of those lesbians, like the Kaeton woman, I suggest you get her out of those dungarees and into one of those pretty polleras skirts immediately.

Dr MadPriest
Professor of Quack Psychology
University of Cloud Cuckoo Land

Wilson P said...

May I piggyback on and ask your vote for Brother Causticus and his steely-eyed via media at TitusOneTen

It's not that the humble brother would ever seek such recognition, but that it's so much fun to see him beat that other blog named after the previous verse.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Both adorable, Padre. I know it's genetic. They take after the lovely Mona.

Inept as I am, I could not get the registration to work for voting, but I gave Eileen permission to vote for me, early and often.

susan s. said...

Hey, Mike,
Dem girls is real cute!
And I would vote if I could, but the dam thing don't work for me!

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