Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday at the Hogar

This morning I had a fun day at the hogar. First I worked with two girls on their English. We went over the words and pronunciation.

Then Adelia came to me wanting to color. She's five going on three. She's very young and sits on my lap much of the time when I'm there. I decided coloring would be a good idea. She needs to learn the colors and how to color. She's in the first picture.

The second foto is of the girls coloring. Once the box of colors came out I was surrounded. Next to Adelia is Carla. Carla is also 5. The two of them are in kinder together. Sol is standing next to Carla the looking for colors. Maria Isable is coloring and that's Estephani's head. More kids joined us, but I got into coloring to and stopped taking fotos. Not pictured is Enibeth who gave me her picture when she was finished. I thought that was really sweet of her.

The last foto is of the kids waiting for their sheets. They change the sheets on their beds every Monday. As always, click on the fotos and you can see the close ups of the coloring and more details.


Jane R said...

Speaking of cute!

How's Adelia doing on her colors now?

Matty Boy said...

Another post that should get the "Pretty Girl" label.

Anonymous said...

Adelia...I love Adelia and I'll help her "with her colors"...I'm a colorful nut and I've never met a color I didn't like and I can see Adelia is my kind of colorblendermatchermixermesser...I'm talented that way too and I can see even beyond the brilliant magico that comes to life in our lives here at Padre Mickeys to you and The Lovely Mona and thanks be to God for so many blessings that are revealed in colorful ways.

Leonard Ricardo Anonimo (siempre)

lovely Mona said...

Adelia doesn't know her colors at all. I think she remembers red but likes to call everything yellow. Her coloring is the scrible of a two or three year old. Carla is really good and understands the concept of staying in the lines and coloring within the picture. It's really interesting.

lovely mona said...

I was on the plane to Newark with Tia Sue and she told me Adelia's name is spelled Evelia. Ooops. I sometimes have a hard time understanding the kids.

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