Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Plan For World Domination

As you can see by the map on the right, my plan for world domination is coming along. I have all of North and Central America and most of South America. I own Europe, the Middle East, and most of Asia (if this was a game of Risk I'd be kickin' ass!). However, the Russians, Africans, and Australians really aren't cooperating. But since I've only been at this since October 30, I think I'll have the world in another six months. Then I'll turn it all over to Fluffy.


Caminante said...

First time I played Risk, I was in second grade, recovering from a huge staph infection. We'd gone up to Vermont for February vacation and while everyone else went off skiing, I was stuck in the house all day. So one night, they took pity on me and taught me how to play Risk. And I beat all of them! (They didn't try to make it easier for me either.) Probably the only time I have ever won but I did like that game a lot even if the premise nowadays would horrify me.

Padre Mickey said...

One time I played Risk on acid. I kept saying, "if you want to live here just come in, you don't have to invade!" Which kept upsetting the one player who didn't know the rest of us were tripping.
I don't think I ever played again after that experience.

Matty Boy said...

As a newbie blogger, your world map is very impressive, Padre; I've only been at it since Fools Day, so my visit map isn't nearly as impressive. I do have one visitor from France, though. I have no idea how that came up.

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