Thursday, April 26, 2007

If You Haven't Done So Already

Go read this from Father Jake

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Jane R said...

Wow. Mickey -- thanks so much for this referral to Jake's. I haven't had time to go over there for a while (overwhelmed with end of semester here and in low-tolerance mode for Anglican identity-and-conflict discussions)and would have missed it without your note about it. Powerful -- and a key to Jake's heart, compassion, and vocation. A must-read.

Off to my stack of student research papers. Some of them are good :-). (Course is in African American Religion and Theology and they can choose their topics as long as they have some relation to the course and are sufficiently focused. Lot of musically related topics among them -- from a paper on gospel singer and preacher Shirley Caesar to one on the influence of Rastafarianism on the Bad Brains [a group I had never heard of, but hey, my students are there to educate me, right? this paper by the way is by a white student who is on our baseball team]. Others are on Howard Thurman's theology, Booker T. Washington's religious side, Barack Obama's religious affiliations, influences, and rhetoric, Santeria in the U.S., the Sisters of the Holy Family [order of African American nuns] and a bunch of other things.)

Oops, I'm getting chatty. Have a good weekend! Thanks again so much for posting the link. I'm going to re-read it over the weekend, too.

P.S. There was a big evening honoring the ministries and teaching of John Kater and Bill Countryman last night at CDSP. Wish I had been there.

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