Thursday, December 03, 2009

And Now, Our Video, 26 Years Later

Muchos años pasados, as many of you know, Matty Boy and I were in a band named The Wonders of Science. We were one of the few synth bands around at the time, but we couldn't get arrested. Some twenty-five years later we get fan emails from Sweden, Norway, and Germany, and even San José, California; Go figure!

In 1983 we released a single The Big Picture b/w My Only Desire. We recorded this song as it was always well received at our shows. Matty Boy was a Big Time Game Designer for Activision at the time, and had some cash, so we filmed a video to support the single, like ya do. The video went to MTV, whose representative told us that the "video is great; it should be on medium rotation, but since you're not with a major record label, it will have to be submitted to the Basement Tapes" program. Our video never got out of the basement, as it featured no smoke, no attractive young women in lingerie, or things exploding in slow motion. However, they did like to show it at film festivals or something like a film festival, as it is kinda arty.

After 26 years, The Big Picture has finally been uploaded to YouTubes. And you, gentle reader, may enjoy it here at Padre Mickey's Dance Party. Thanks, Eric!

Producers were Dan Wagner, Marc Berger, and Karen King for 3rd Rail Media, San Francisco.

BIG thanks to ERIC PREDOEHL for putting this up on YouTube. Eric has many, many links, and I'm including them all:
Louie Louie Blog
Eric's Facebook Page
Eric's YouTube Channel
Eric's Flickr Photostream
House of Louie Garage Sale
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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Ooooo! I want the MP3 for my iPod, now!

it's margaret said...

Love it!
Are you singing? What?

Tengrain said...

Ha - that is so cool. I feel young again, and I think I did see you guys play at The Keystone or The Edge (or maybe One Step Beyond).

I'm totally enjoying this.



Fran said...

I so so love this. I have my very own Wonders of Science CD you know, it lives on a shelf, but gets more regular exercise than you might think, on my iPod!

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...


Well, the the old American Band Stand parlance I would give it an 89. Easy to dance. ;-}

Nice work, I actually would give it 4 guitar picks out of 5. You guys did/do nice work.

Ever think of a reunion concert?

June Butler said...

Wonderful, Padre. I loved the video. It is easy to dance to.

Padre Mickey said...

It's Margaret, I sing back-up on this. I'm the guy in the white jacket.

Tara Mobley said...

I still have vague memories of making that. It was awesome getting to see that again.

it's margaret said...

I like your little pony-tail/braid Padre!

June Butler said...

The family scene is sweet.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I had a rat-tail back then, too!

Caminante said...

Finally getting to look at this... it was prescient!

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