Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dude! You're Running Out Of Time!

Hey! You're running out of time, unless you're a Decent Person who actually understands the idea of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Then you realize you have plenty of time for gift giving. But just in case the pressure of the Secular Krispen is too much for you, Padre has some more Excellent Gift Ideas!

Ya know what works well for Christmas? Clothes! You can't go wrong with clothing, unless you purchase the wrong size or some fabric to which your recipient is allergic or the colours are ghastly or you purchase something for a teen which has just gone out of style or . . .

As always, click on picture to embiggen

Hey, you know what works well for Christmas? Matching pj's for the whole family!

Or socks! Socks are great for Hanukkah AND Kwanzaa, too!

Wear them for three months?!? You'll need a new pair if you don't take 'em off and wash 'em!

Potholders made from panties! WHO WOULDN'T WANT THESE, I ask ya?

Or whatever the hell this is all about.

Wow! The best Christmas gift EVAH is Shoe Polish!!!!

Okay okay okay, maybe clothing won't quite meet your gift-giving requirements. Well, I know everyone agrees that YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH FOOD! Just look at these Tasty Christmas Treats!

Mmmmm, Pizza! Just like Chef Boy-ar-dee used to make!

Did someone say "PANCAKES!"

Meat! The gift that keeps on giving!

Ah, there's nothing like a Down-home Kentucky Christmas!

Yeah! Turnips for Christmas!

And after all that you'll want Santa to drop by with plenty bi-carbonate of soda!
Happy Christmas!


Matthew Hubbard said...

The gift ideas have certainly happified me! And I'm surprised the Lovely Mona let you put the boot polish ad up, 'cuz I can see that lady's dirty pillows, and they are pretty darn good ones.

Padre Mickey said...

Well, the Lovely Mona hasn't seen it yet. . .

Harry Allagree said...

Sammy Santa -- give me a double of that Alka Seltzer stuff!!

WV = "kalowli", as in After seeing all dem food ads, my stomach is going KALOWLI!!

Brother David said...

That shoe polish ad must have been in a Playboy or something. Her chichis are showing!

Mary-Cauliflower said...

Polishing my shoes is definitely going to take on all kids of complexities from now on.

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